Media Arts & Design: Books


Books can provide:[Horia Varlan, 'Hardcover book gutter and pages', CC Licence: CC BY 2.0 (, Image source: Flickr (]

  • definitions
  • topic overviews
  • step-by-step guides
  • in-depth information on a topic

Many books in the Library's collection are written or edited by authors with expertise in the field.

Finding books

Search the Library Collection to find books.

Example topic search: "digital design"

Quick tips

  • Refine your results by Resource Type: Books to find books only 
  • Use double quotes for phrases e.g. "digital design"
  • Title search: select the Title option from the Search drop-down menu
  • Common title? Add more information (e.g. author's surname), or try an Advanced Search

Finding ebooks only: Limit to Resource Type: Books, and then Show Only: Full Text Online

Design Annuals

Annual [Image: UniSA Library]A valuable source for inspiration and analysis, providing the latest (often award-winning) work annuals are published once a year. Look at older annuals to see historical work.

Some contain selected by industry professionals as part of competitions, while others consist of paid advertising by designers seeking to promote their work.

While you cannot search them online you may be able to browse or search award winners featured in selected annuals by visiting the publishers' websites e.g. D&AD Awards - browse archive.

See below for some examples, or find others by adding the keyword 'annual' to searches in the catalogue e.g. "graphic design" annual


Ebooks can be read online or 'borrowed' to read offline on a PC or mobile device.  Visit the Library's ebook guide for:

  • information about finding, accessing, printing and downloading ebooks
  • discovering what software is needed on your device
  • looking up FAQs
  • providing feedback about ebooks