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Politics and International Relations: Journal articles


Find journal articles by searching:[Andrew Fitzsimon, "Thumbnail", Image Source: Open Clip Art Library, CC0 1.0]

TIP: the Library Catalogue can be a good starting point for finding journal articles and papers. If you cannot find what you need then try searching a database instead.

Catalogue search examples:

Refine these searches with the Peer Reviewed link if you want scholarly articles.


Databases help you find publications (e.g. journal and newspaper articles, conference papers, book chapters etc.) by a particular author, from a specific publication or on a topic. They can provide either the full text to a publication or the reference and abstract only.

Journal articles present current research, provide highly focused information amd may be required for some assignments.

Follow the trail...

Tips for finding relevant journal articles!

> What subjects terms are appearing in the refine menu in the Catalogue or the database you are using? Could some of these be useful in further searches?

> If you have found a useful article, look at:

  • any author supplied keywords / subjects given.
  • any useful terms found in the Abstract or full text which you could use 
  • to improve your search.
  • the reference list. Who the author has cited?