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Social Media for Researchers: Visibility

Altmetric Explorer

Metrics and impact guide

 Video length: 37 minutes 52 seconds

 You can use Altmetric Explorer to track engagement with your research including mentions in news outlets, blogs, tweets and Facebook posts.

 You can also see what part of the world the engagement is coming from. For your research to be tracked online Altmetric need:

  1. An output (journal article, dataset, etc)
  2. An identifier attached to the output (DOI, RePEc etc)
  3. Mentions in a source they track (Twitter, Facebook etc)

You can find out more in our Metrics and Impact guide on the Altmetrics page

Visibility of your research

For more ways to make your research visible, visit the Visibility page of our publishing guide. This includes information on:

    Open Access scholarly works are available online at no cost to anyone interested in viewing them.

  ORCiD is a way that you can promote yourself and draw other researchers to your research.

 ORCiD is a unique 16 digit identifier that you can use to distinguish yourself from other researchers and ensure your outputs are correctly attributed. Have a look at our guide to find out more.


This academic social network allows you to create a profile and:

                             list your research outputs with downloadable full text where copyright permits,

                             nominate and be endorsed for expertise,

                             find and follow individuals and topics,

                             comment on and review others' work, and expose your own work to comment and review,

                             ask and answer research questions

                             track engagement with your work through a variety of metrics.

  ResearchGate links

                             ResearchGate  - ResearchGate home

                             ResearchGate Help Centre: Stats - Information about metrics available via ResearchGate

                            ResearchGate: University of South Australia - ResearchGate institution page for UniSA