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News sources for AI in Higher Education

Campus Technology

The US-based Campus Technology website covers news and trends in higher education IT. 


Inside Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed is owned by Times Higher Education. It has two million monthly readers.


MIT News - Artificial Intelligence

News stories covering various stories related to AI from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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The Conversation - Artificial Intelligence

The Conversation is a not for profit online publication that publishes articles created by academics and journalists working together, funded by the university and research sector, some philanthropic organisations and individual donors.

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Times Higher Education

The Times Higher Education news service is free but requires a subscription.  Whilst the quality of the articles is high, there is no advanced search so articles will be sorted on relevance that seems to be determined by the presence of the term in the titles of the articles.


University World News

University World News is published by Higher Education Web Publishing Ltd with stories written by education journalists from around the world.

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