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Overview of AI

Artificial intelligence has a range of definitions and a spectrum of degree depending on the context.

As a science, artificial intelligence can be described as combining “the three disciplines of math, computer science and cognitive science to mimic human behaviour through various technologies”. (US Gov, Unknown, accessed 3/4/23). 

The definition of intelligence is one that has been long debated and shaped by the lens and context through which one is viewing it. If we take a simple definition that can be applied to both humans and machines as (Tegmark, 2017)  “the ability to accomplish complex goals”, then we have a starting point to explore the categorisations and terminology involved.  

Video: Introduction to AI for Teachers and Students

This August 2023 video from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania provides an excellent overview and introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs) for educators and students.

Length: 10:17