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Preparing Students for an AI Future

The Jetsons

Image from PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Human beings have, historically, been terrible at predicting the future of technological advancement in society. The image above portrays a cartoon family known as The Jetsons created by the American media company Hanna Barbera in 1962. The family of four - mother and father, sister, brother, and dog are flying in their family spaceship with apartments and business buildings in the sky and above the clouds in the background. The show DID predict that 100 years in the future, there would be live video calls on a home screen, so it got that right. But, like many renderings and descriptions of futures that never were, it couldn't (or wouldn't) predict societal change keeping pace with technological advancements. 

So when we consider how to prepare students for the future, firstly, we can ensure that our students understand the potential risks of AI, as well as the capabilities, limitations and ethical uses of it. See the previous sections of this guide for introductory information.

Next, we need to consider the skills in using AI that all students - not just those in AI-related disciplines - will need to thrive.