Aviation: AERO 1017: Human Factors 1

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AERO 1017: Human Factors 1 - Assessment 2

This guide will help you find information for your essay.

Before you begin read the:

  • assessment instructions available on your course site
  • essay template on your essay resources page

Plan your search

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Before you get started it is important to plan your search.

For this assignment you have to address one of the topics given. This guide will use the following example topic:

Discuss what factors makes cabin crew work effectively as a team.

   Apply the skills shown here to your own topic

1. Identify the content words, main concepts in your topic:

Concept 1 cabin crew
Concept 2 effectively as a team

2. Identify any synonyms or similar keywords for alternative concepts. You may find it helpful to put these in a table.

Concept 1  cabin crew, flight attendants
Concept 2

effectively as a team, effective team, effective teamwork,

team effectiveness, successful teamwork, successful teams,

team performance

Consider any:

  • Plurals or different word endings: flight attendant, flight attendants, trust, trusting
  • Different word spelling: aeroplane, airplane, behaviour, behavior

Combining concepts

Once you have identified your key concepts, you need to combine them using AND & OR.

1. OR is used to connect synonyms or alternative concepts to broaden your search:

Concept 1 cabin crew OR flight attendants
Concept 2

effective team OR effective teamwork OR team effectiveness

OR successful teamwork OR successful teams

2. AND is used to connect different concepts. The more concepts you add using AND the narrower your search will become:

Concept 1  "cabin crew" OR "flight attendant"
Concept 2 effective* OR success* OR performance
Concept 3 team*

3. You can also use:

  • Quotation marks " " to keep words together to search for a phrase.
  • Asterisk * to search for word variations, e.g. team* will find teams, teamwork etc.
   Read: How to plan your search

Start your search

The Library Collection is a good place to start your search for scholarly material. You can use it to find eBooks, journal articles, reports, videos and more.

Type your concepts into the search box:

screenshot of search example in Library Catalogue
  • Tip: use double quotes to keep concepts together as a phrase.

You can change the concepts used to find different results:

screenshot of search example in Library Catalogue

Apply filters using the left hand menu to refine your results further.

You can search Google Scholar in a similar way to find relevant information.

undefined   Watch: How to search the Library Collection (1.47)

More searching options


Databases are online collections of resources including articles, papers, book chapters and reports. Databases have advanced search options, helping to focus your search and find more relevant, scholarly references quickly.

Start by typing each different concept into a new search field.

Connect these using AND.

Choose to search Anywhere except full text.

screenshot of search example in ProQuest Central Database


  • Use double quotation marks around around phrases to keep them together.
  • Change Anywhere to Anywhere except full text.
  • DO NOT tick the box to limit to Full Text.
Refine your results by using the menu on the left of the page.
   Read: How to save time searching in databases
   More databases

What is a scholarly source?

If you are not sure what is considered scholarly information watch this short video, or see the PDF:

 Video Length: 2:22


For this assignment you need to use the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style. Information about this style can be found here:

If you use EndNote, you can download the APA style.

navigate to the EndNote guide

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