Aviation: AERO 2053: Human Factors 2 (2022 SP2)

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AERO 2053 - Human Factors 2- Report

   Assignment help

This guide will help you search for credible literature from a range of industry and scholarly sources to support your report findings. Before you start you should:

  • read all the assignment instructions
  • look at the report marking criteria

For help with writing reports see:

Find industry information

A key part of this assignment will be locating the official accident investigation reports for one or both accidents as well as further industry information.

To find these you will need to search outside of the Library collection.

  1. Open Google or another internet search engine
  2. Type in the search below:

 Adapt your search as needed depending on the search engine you use and the more you discover about the accidents.

Top Tips:

  • Investigate websites appearing to see if they take you to the official report.
  • Look for the official report released by the relevant aviation authority.
  • Read relevant articles and summaries to find out more. Amend your search.
  • Find the flight number, add this into your search.
  • Use quotations to find exact phrases e.g. "accident investigation report".
  • Google search tips.

Plan your search

Before you start searching:

  1. Identify the main ideas in the case study (the key concepts).
  2. Think of any other ways your key concepts may be expressed in the literature.

    Are there synonyms or other terms that you could use when searching?
Tip: try some basic scoping searches in the Library collection or Google Scholar (tab next to Library collection) to discover further keywords you can use.

Some potential keywords. What others can you find?

737 Max culture
accident human factors
air crash incident
automation Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System
Boeing performance
cockpit safety pilot training
commercial aviation psychological factors

To learn more about connecting your keywords to form a search strategy see:

Key starting points

Industry information Scholarly sources
Federal Aviation Authority Library Collection
Boeing Google Scholar
Civil Aviation Safety Authority APA PsychINFO - key psychology database
Relevant aviation authority in Ethiopia and Indonesia

Scopus - key multidisciplinary database

You can explore the database list for relevant Engineering and Psychology databases.

More help:

Option 1: Library Collection

The Library Collection can be a good place to start your search

  1. Type your keywords into the search box.

    Tip: use double quotes to keep concepts together as a phrase. You don't need to type in AND.
  2. To broaden your search add synonyms or alternative terms using the connector OR.
Tip: when using a single search box use brackets (...) to group synonyms together

Some useful filters (limits) you may want to apply include:

  • Publication date - find recent literature
  • Peer reviewed articles - to help you find quality articles
  • Books - to find scholarly books

Help tips for using Google Scholar

Option 2: Searching Scopus

Scopus is a multidisciplinary database which indexes peer reviewed journal articles.

  1.  Add a different keyword to each search field.

    Use the + Add new search field to add multiple search fields.

Key tips:

  • use double quotes "..." around concepts you want to keep together as exact phrases
  • use the * to find different word endings, for example pilot* finds pilot and pilot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  1. Add any synonyms or alternative concepts using the connector OR. This is important as not everyone refers to ideas in the same way and it will help broaden your search.

Select search.

Top tips:

  • Use the limits (filters) on the results page to:
    • narrow your search further
    • find top journals appearing under Source Title
  • Searching PsycINFO? Select the multifield search option.

Choose what to use

Evaluate all literature before you use them in this assignment - even if you have found literature in the Library collection or databases.

Some things to look for:

Currency How current does the information need to be?
Are older, seminal works fine to use?

Does the information found answer your question?
Do you understand the content?
Is it at the right level for your purpose?

Authority What are the author's qualifications?
Are they linked to a university, research institute or government department?
Accuracy Is evidence given for the research undertaken?
What methods are used? Are they sound?
Is there a bibliography or references given?
Purpose Is it trying to communicate research, persuade you or sell you something?
It is expressing an opinion, or is it balanced and objective?

More help:

Academic integrity and referencing

Library session