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Catalogue search tips

Search the Library Catalogue to find relevant books and other material in the collection. Search by title or subject, and remember to put phrases between "quotation marks".

On the left hand side of the catalogue, you can refine your search to show, books, full text, or select a publication date range. Add, remove or change keywords to find the information relevant to you.

Search the Library Catalogue

Plan your search

The main concepts in your question form the foundation of your search:

  1. sustainable
  2. business
  3. operations

To cover the range of terminology used in the literature, you must also identify any synonyms or similar keywords for each concept:

  1. sustainable, renewable, alternative, eco-friendly
  2. business, company
  3. operations, processes, models

Also consider:

  •  Plurals, different word forms (business vs businesses),
  •  Different spellings (civilisation vs civilization), and hyphenated words (eco friendly vs eco-friendly)
  • Acronyms (Work Health and Safety vs WHS)

Once you have your list of terms for each concept, you can combine them to create a search strategy. Combine these keywords using the search connectors OR & AND.

OR: combines similar keywords - sustainable OR renewable
AND: combines different concepts - business AND model

Use an asterisk * to find word variations e.g. sustainab* will find sustainable, sustainability, etc. Use double quotes for phrases such as "business operations".

Search example: sustainab* OR renewable AND operation OR "business model"

Tips for searching effectively

Note any subjects terms given in the Library Catalogue or database records. Found a relevant article? Look at:

undefined Author supplied keywords / subjects

undefined Terminology found in the abstract or text

undefined References listed by the author(s)

undefined References which cite the article

This information may be useful when doing further searching.

Conference papers, case studies & newspaper articles

Find conference papers: 

Find case studies: 

Simply type 'case study' into the search bar when searching databases for case studies.

Find newspaper articles: