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Finding peer reviewed journal articles for your case studies

What you need to do?

For your case studies you will need to find peer reviewed journal articles to support your discussions. 

Remember to read all the information on your course website related to your assessment to understand exactly what you need to do.

What is a peer reviewed article?

Peer reviewed means that the article you are looking at has been reviewed by one or more experts in that field of research. Sometimes peer reviewed journals articles can be referred to as refereed, scholarly or academic sources. 

Many search tools, such as the Library catalogue  and the database Business Source Complete  allow you to limit your search to peer reviewed articles only.           

We recommend you watch or read:

Plan your search

Before you start searching you should:

  • Identify the main ideas (key concepts) relevant to your case study.
  • Brainstorm any synonyms or alternative concepts to also incorporate into your searches.

The concepts you identify can be used in your searches.

For example, for information around recruitment practices within HR you might identify:

  Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3
  human resource management recruitment practices
Synonyms human resources, HR, HRM recruiting, selection process, hiring strategies, approaches

To learn more about this process watch or read:

Where to search

The Library catalogue is a good place to start your search.

However, you should aslo become familiar with searching library databases. Try:

Tip: Business Source Complete is a key database for finding business and human resource management literature including peer reviewed articles. It will be useful throughout your studies.

How you locate journals

Your online course facilitator has identified many peer reviewed journals to use. To search for them in the Library catalogue:

  1. Type the name of the journal you want into the search box.
    Tip: use double quotes to keep the title together as a phrase.

  2. Use Tweak My Results (left hand side) to limit your search to Content Type: Journal.
  3. Select the title hyperlink to open the Journal record.

  4. Select the online access link in the record to open the journal.

How you search for articles

The Library Catalogue
  1. Open the Library catalogue and type each of your different concepts into the search box.
    Tip: you do not have to type AND between each concept, it will default to this.

  2. Use the Tweak my results menu to limit your search by Peer-reviewed Journals and publication date.
Business Source Complete
  1. Start by entering each different concepts into a new search line. Notice these are connected with AND.


2. Incorporate any synonyms into your search using the connector OR. This will help broaden your search.


3. Use the Limit To options (left hand side) to limit your search by peer reviewed journals and publication date.

More search help:

Finding other sources

Even though you should primarily include peer reviewed journal articles in your assignment you can also include some other types of information sources such as magazine and newspapers. 

To find newspaper articles explore the:​

Tip: Newsbank newspapers is a good place to search

Business Source Complete allows you to find magazines like the Harvard Business Review.

Tip: Limit your search to Publication Type: Trade Publications or Newspapers.

Websites can also be a good source of scholarly information, however remember to always evaluate what you find. 

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