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UO Foundations of HRM - Case Study assessment

This page will help you find scholarly information for your case study analysis.

In case study assignments you are required to review the case and answer the questions included in the case. You are expected to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of relevant HRM concepts in your response.

Consult your Course Outline and Course Website for further assessment information.


Planning your search will help you find better articles faster. Watch the video below for hints on how to plan your search:

You are expected to find references from scholarly sources to inform your case study analysis. Academic (scholarly and generally peer reviewed) articles are a good source of information. Watch this video which explains scholarly sources.

What does peer reviewed mean?

Peer reviewed means that the article you are looking at has been reviewed by one or more experts in that field of research. It is the ultimate quality check.


How do I find peer reviewed articles?

Many search tools allow you to focus your search so that all articles are peer reviewed or scholarly. For example in the Library catalogue you can limit results by Peer-reviewed Journals. 



Want to know more watch the video below:

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Where to search for information

To find scholarly journal articles try searching the Library Catalogue.  Enter your terms into the search box and click on the green magnifying glass.

  • Tip: put double quotation marks "..." around your words to search for a phrase. For example:


  • Then 'Tweak my results' (left hand side) to limit to peer reviewed journals written in the last 5 years:

  • Finally select 
Not happy with what you have found? Try a Library Database like Business Source Complete.

Google Scholar is another good source for academic or scholarly articles. You should access Google Scholar from the the Library homepage to see UniSA full text.

Here is an example search:

  • Tip: Use the connect OR to search for similar terms or synonyms.  The brackets (...) will keep the synonyms together.
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What is a Case Study?

Businessman clients portfolio icon by, CC BY 3.0:, Flickr: studies are descriptions of situations which you will likely encounter within your chosen discipline. They provide you with the opportunity to think about the complexities, make connections between theory and real life examples and provide a practical solution to real life problems.

For help with reading and analysing case studies, have a look at these:

Case study analysis requires you to critically reflect on relevant questions and HR concepts. This guide will help you get started:

Recommended Journals

Try searching for articles in these journals to be confident that they are high quality:

Tip: The Human Resource Management Journal is a great scholarly resource as it is a refereed academic journal. You are encouraged to include articles from these sources. High-quality articles are likely to reflect in your marks.

Other resources

While you must principally use scholarly sources for your analysis, other resources may be useful. You could consider:

  • Ne"Jan Kromer, 'Novinky: the news', CC Licence: Attribution 2.0 Generic, image source: flickr"wspapers - a great place to search for newspaper articles is via one of the databases. For more help look in our News Media Guide.
  • Case Studies - Other case studies might help your analysis. Try looking in the following case study databases:
  • Government Websites are another useful source of information. You may want to look at some of the following websites: