Health: HLTH1047 - First Peoples' Health

Essay - Context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' Health

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Understand the task

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Plan your search

Start by identifying the concepts (main ideas) from your assignment topic prior to searching. Then consider alternative words for these concepts which, together with the concept term, become your searchable keywords.

Example Search Strategy

QuestionWhat cultural factors impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in the birthing suite? 
Concepts - cultural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, birthing
Synonyms - cultural, culture / Aboriginal and Torres Strait, ATSI, first peoples / women, woman, female / birthing, birth, delivery, labour
Combined search string
cultural OR culture
Aboriginal and Torres Strait OR ATSI OR first peoples
Women OR Woman OR female OR Females
birthing OR birth OR delivery OR labour
With truncation / phrases
"Aboriginal and Torres Strait" OR ATSI OR "first peoples"
Wom?n OR femal*
birth* OR deliver* OR labour*

Find Journal Articles for your Assignment

Journals are the primary medium for scholarly communication and account for a large percentage of university research output. They:

  • provide highly focused information
  • can be the source for the latest material on a topic
  • can sometimes be one of the few (or only) sources of scholarly information on a topic

Journals contain collections of articles and are generally published on a regular basis.

Learn how to search for journals using the Scopus database.



Database limits and filters

Journal articles are often found in databases.

Database limits and filters may be applied to reduce your search results if you have too many.  Some useful limits include 'English Language' or date. Note the following about using limits:

  • Using a limit only applies to the database you are currently searching. If you have selected more than one, only the results from the filtered database will display.

  • If the database is bibliographic (abstract) only – it won’t find any full-text. Using a full text limiter will therefore yield 0 results.

If you limit your results, there is always the potential that you could miss some important/useful research. The video below will demonstrate how to apply limits and filters in PubMed. Most databases are similar.

Evaluate your References

Once you have identified potential articles, you need to start evaluating them to identify which articles are the most relevant and appropriate.

Write your Assignment

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