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Accounting: Find Resources

Company and Industry Information

Need help finding company or industry information?

Our Company and Industry Information guide can help you search the web, our databases and the Library Catalogue for:

  • company/industry information
  • financial information
  • annual reports
  • legislation and regulation

Catalogue search tips

Search the Library Catalogue to find relevant books and other resources in the collection. Search by title, subject, or author, and remember to put phrases in "quotation marks".

Search the Library Catalogue

On the left hand side of the catalogue search results, there are options to tweak your results. You can choose to refine your result to full text online, or peer reviewed journals, or enter a date range to find recent information. You can also refine by format to find particular resource types.

  • To find books, choose Tweak my results > Resource Type > Books
  • To find journal articles, choose Tweak my results > Resource Type > Articles

Scholarly articles

At University there is the expectation that you will use scholarly material to support your arguments. You may be asked to use peer reviewed journal articles.

Conference papers, case studies & newspaper articles

 Find conference papers:

  Find case studies:

Simply type 'case study' into the search bar when searching databases for case studies

  Find newspaper articles:

Evaluating Information

Remember! It is important to evaluate the information you find.  The video below can help you learn to evaluate your information.

   Study Help: Evaluating Information