Accounting: UniSA Online - ACCT 3012: Auditing Theory and Practice

UO Auditing and Theory Practice - Case study

Assignment 1 - Risk Assessment (case study)

For your case study you need to assess and analyse a company from an auditing perspective. This assignment help will assist you in finding relevant company and industry information.

  • Please remember to always consult your course outline and website for assignment details.

Getting started

Before you start searching for information think about:

  1. Is the company publicly listed or private?
  2. Is the company Australian or international?
  3. What industry does the company belong to?
  4. What information do you need about the company or industry? Annual reports, financial data, industry profiles, market research, or news media?

Public versus private companies:
Public companies are listed and traded on a stock exchange whereas private companies are not listed. Also, public companies must provide annual reports to the public which makes them easier to research.

Not sure if it is public or private? 

  • Do a web search for your company's website. They often provide information about themselves under a section such as 'About us'.
  • Search for the company on the Australian stock exchange, or another stock exchange, to see if it is listed?

Where to search?

The Library has a range of databases (search tools) that contain company information.

A key database to search is:

Other databases you should also use to research your company are:

The Library has a range of databases (search tools) that contain industry information.

If you are looking for information around the Australian banking sector try:

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How to search?

Find in depth information on Australian public companies including financial data. 

  1. Type the company name into the quick search box (top right). Select search.

  2. The company page should automatically open.
  3. Use the menu on the left to navigate through different information such as Financial Data.

Find company information for large Australian companies, international company information and industry information.

Finding company information

  1. Select the Company Information link (top).
  2. Enter your company name in the search box. Select search.
  3. Choose your company from the results list.
  4. Scroll down to see the company information provided.

Finding industry information

  1. Select New Search (top). In the search box enter the industry your company belongs to and the country you are after. Select Search.
  2. Using the Refine Results menu (left side) limit your results to:
    • Publication date: 2019
    • Source Type: Industry Profiles (select more to see all source types).
  3. Open the record that you want. Select the PDF link.

Find company information for large Australian companies and industry information.

Finding company information

  1. Type your company name into the search box. Select search.

  2. From the results list select the company you are after.
  3. Navigate using the top menu to see details including Financials.

Finding industry information

  1. Type the industry you are after into the search box. Select search.

  2. Use the left menu to limit your search to Report Country - Australia.
  3. Scroll down. Select the industry report that is relevant.

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News media

News media can be a great source for finding more about a company or industry.

The library has a range of databases that contain newspaper articles (NewsBank newspapers) or news segments (TVNews). Key ones include:

NewsBank newspapers allows you to search Australian and International newspapers.

  1. From the homepage select Australia's Newspapers.
  2. Change the drop down menu to the left of the search to Lead/First Paragraph.
  3. Enter the company's name into the search box:

    Tip: Use OR to find synonyms.
  4. Use the Limit results to menu (left hand) find information by:
    • Year
    • Publication
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More help

If you need more help searching for information or writing up your assignment use: