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Planning: Introduction to Planning ARCH 1012

Sample Topic

Choose ONE of the following topics:

1. Should planning set out to produce a utopian ideal? Your answer should critically review past philosophies and initiatives in providing your answer.

2. Do we need to plan our cities? Justify the need to plan or conversely not to plan on the basis of evidence and examples from around the world.

Note: Use academic and practical sources/examples from domestic and international planning efforts. I expect to see a list of at least five or six peer-reviewed references at the end of your essay, in addition to other non-scholarly sources you might use. I also expect you to go beyond the course reader and research appropriate scholarly sources, while composing a well-organised, well-written, and thoughtful persuasive essay

Is it useful? Evaluate!

Once you have found information for your assignments it is important to think about whether or not the information is of a good quality and useful.

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For help watch or refer to:

Need more help?

  • Use the Help, Tips or Hints screens in the databases
  • Explore the Library's Subject Guides 
  • Ask the Library for assistance (email, chattelephone)
  • Referencing webpage

Planning and searching for information

Video icon by no real name given CCLicence Attribution 2.0 Generic, Image source: flickr by watching this short video on using keywords in your searching: 
Think. Plan. Discover. Why keywords matter (1 min. 30 secs.)

Before you start searching identify the main concepts/topic words - the keywords you use to search for information. Below is an example:

"Community consultation and planning in Australia"

Do some initial reading or searching for information and choose your keywords. You can combine/connect these keywords or phrases in databases using the AND or OR connectors. These are used to help you find the most relevant results for your topic. Here is one example:

 public OR community


 consultation OR engagement OR participation        

 urban planning OR  town planning 


   - OR combines concepts with similar meanings to broaden your search.
     Find results with
either one or both words.

  - AND combines difference concepts to narrow your search.
     Find results with
both words 



You can use this search strategy in most databases.

Watch this short video Plan your search (2 min. 26 secs.)

Where to search?

Once you have your search strategy you can use it to search for information in the:                Idea [jantonalcor, "A good idea", Image Source: Open Clip Art Library,, CC0 1.0,]

Key Databases