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This page will help you get started finding information for your Assessment 1: Reflective Journal

Please see your course outline for assessment details.

Plan before you search

Before you write your reflections plan what you are going to reflect on, and what further information your may want to find to aid your reflections.

A mind map can help you organise your ideas and discover keywords to search on. For example:

mindmap made with

Before you search for information watch or look at:

Where should you search?

Good starting points for searching for academic references (scholarly information) are:

You may also want to use a relevant business library database, such as Business Source Complete. To access databases go to:

Build your search

Example topic: does income influences job satisfaction?

Key concepts:

  • job satisfaction
  • income

1. Start by typing your key concepts into the search box:

Tip: use double quotations for phrases "job satisfaction". This will your keywords together.

2. Add any synonyms to your search using the connector OR. This will help expand it. For example:

Applying limiters (filters) - Use the 'Tweak my results' menu (left) to narrow your search further. Some key ones to consider:

  • 'Full Text Online' to find online information.
  • 'Peer-reviewed Journals' to find academic (scholarly) articles.
  • 'Resource Type' such as Articles or Books.
  • 'Publication Date' range for finding recent information.

Change your search concepts to find different results:

Example topic: How does work culture influence workplace values?

Key concepts:

  • work culture
  • values

Also, think of any possible synonyms you could use in your search.

The Advanced search gives you some extra fields to help you build a search.

Tip: Access the advanced search by selecting the menu at the top left of Google Scholar.

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Reflective writing help at UniSA

Do you need help with reflective writing? These online guides may assist you:

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Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!

The Referencing Roadmap (Harvard) shows you how to reference using the Harvard-UniSA style.