Business: BUSS 1057: Business and Society- Assessment 1 - SP5 2019

Assessment 1

1. Assessment #1: Reflective Journals

For Assessment 1, you are required to write four short reflective pieces. Each piece will reflect on specific content within the course. Each entry requires you to bring together:

  1. Information from relevant readings and the text book
  2. Concepts from the relevant part of the course
  3. Personal experience

For full assessment details please consult your course outline

2. Plan your search

Typing your question into Google or the Library catalogue is not the best way to search.

Mapping out your search can be a good place to start:

  • Identify the key concepts in the assignment question - are there any synonyms you could use?
  • Remove task words from your assignment question
  • Use the course readings or reliable websites to understand your topic
  • Think about what types of information you need - which parts of your argument need references as supporting evidence?
  • Explore relevant theories that might apply to your topic
  • Check the assignment requirements - do you need to use recent information?

Wondering whether information you've found is academic, scholarly or peer-reviewed? Wondering where to find this type of information? Check out the below video on scholarly sources:

3. Reflective Writing

If you're not familiar with reflective writing as an assignment task, this video (2m:14s) may assist you to understand what is required of you. 

The following links may also be of assistance:

4. What Information Do I Need?

As well as relevant readings and the text book, you may want to find other sources. Before starting your research ask yourself these questions: 

  • What type of information is needed?
  • How much information do I need?
  • What keywords / phrases can I use to help me find information?

Some keywords examples:

  • work, job, employment, labor
  • ethics, ethical, ethos, values
  • consumers, consumerism, consumption
  • conflict theory, social conflict theory, social conflict
  • structural functionalism, social structure
  • gender, income, wages, earnings
  • "personal values", values, integrity, ethics, "professional integrity", "professional ethics"
  • "cultural understanding", "cultural diversity", "cross-cultural understanding", globalization, globalisation
  • Aboriginal Australians, indigenous peoples, Australia, culture

What other keywords can you think of? 

For more information about keywords and searching see our guide below:

5. Evaluate Your Information

This video (3m:17s) will help you evaluate resources to see if they are appropriate for your assessment needs. 

6. Student Engagement Unit Help for BUSS 1057

Need assistance? Help is available! For help with presentations and writing reports see the following resources created by the Student Engagement Unit found from within the Study Help guide.

Referencing and academic skills

Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!

What do you do with all those references you have found?

Use a bibliographic management software to store, organise and cite your references. The Library supports the bibliographic management tool EndNote. There are also many free systems available.

Watch Managing Your References or have a look at the Managing References guide to decide which tool is best for you and then get started. 

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