Business: BUSS 5251: International Business - SP6- 2018 - Group Assignment

BUSS 5251: Case Study Presentation

This assessment requires you to submit a report and presentation on a given case study. You have been asked to provide:

  • Diagnosis of the key issues
  • Analysis of the case background and context, appropriately incorporating theories and concepts
  • Recommendation of a realistic, workable plan of action.

Information and figures presented in the case study should be updated from sources such as the internet; industry and company reports; newspaper and industry magazines. This assignment help has been developed to help you find the information you require

image of information icon This assignment help assumes you have read in detail your Course Outline. For full assessment details, please see your Course Outline.


How to find Industry and Company Reports

For your case studies you may need to find further information about a company or industry.

Tip To begin with look for the 'About us' section in a company website for media releases and annual reports.

For help with searching for  Company and industry information, have a look at our online guide. It contains a full list of useful databases and tips and tricks on how to search them.

Your choice in database will depend on whether or not your company or Industry  is Australian or International.

For Australian Company and Industry Information see below:

For International Company and Industry information see the below:

How to find Country Profiles

Some of your case studies refer to issues in specific countries or regions. For your report you may be required to find further information on a country.

Visit the  'Country Information' tab in the Company and Industry Information guide for a full list of suggested resources.

Country Reports

Business Source Complete databases is a great place to start to find country reports and country risk reports. These reports contain information on the political, economic and business environment needed for your analysis.

  • Enter the name of the country (i.e. Austria or Canada or India) in the search box and select GE Geographic Terms from the drop down box

Business Source Complete search example

  • under Refine Results, select Sources Types > Country Report (select Show More to see the full range of sources)

Country Reports

warszawianka, 'tango emblem important', Image Source: Open Clip ArtTip: Check the publication date of the report for currency of the data.

Library Catalogue

The Library Catalogue is a useful starting point in locating academic references including articles in scholarly journals and industry magazines.

catalogue search example

At the results list you can:

  • Limit to articles from Peer Reviewed publications 
  • Limit by Date eg 2012 to 2017
  • See the full text for many items by selecting the title, then look for the Online link
  • See Library Catalogue Help for additional searching tips.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Scholar searches only within academic or scholarly sites, rather than over the whole internet like a regular Google Search. For more information on using Google Scholar, have a look at our Beyond Google for your Research Guide.

Navigate to the Beyond Google for your Research Guide Google Scholar tab


By accessing Google Scholar from within the library website, you will be able link directly to articles that the Library has access to by clicking on the Full-text at UniSA link.

Google scholar search example


Find Journal articles using Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete provides information covering all areas of business including accounting and finance; banking; finance and insurance; construction; computer science; economics and more. Includes country economic reports as well as detailed company profiles.

This is an example of a search using Business Source Complete.

Business Source Complete example

Tip: You can limit your search by date range and to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals from the box on the left hand side of the results screen.

How to Write a Report

Now that you have done your research it is time to put all of your information together. Watch this short video (approx 3 mins) for tips on how to write a report.

image of an information icon For more help on improving your academic skills and referencing, please visit Study Help page.

Good Luck!

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