Publishing: ERA

Excellence in Research for Australia

ERA facts

  • 22,000+ journals
  • Scholarly, peer reviewed and publishing original research
  • 2018 - awaiting release of journal list
  • 2015 - journals not ranked; conferences not ranked
  • 2012 - journals not ranked, conferences excluded
  • 2010 - journals ranked


What is ERA?

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ERA is the Excellence in Research for Australia initiative. It was developed by the Australian Research Council (ARC) in conjunction with the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

ERA aims to identify and promote excellence across the full spectrum of research activity, including discovery, experimental and applied research within Australian higher education institutions.

One of the measures of performance is publication in the more than 22,000 journals included in the ERA list. This list was developed for the sole purpose of supporting the ERA initiative, and includes journals that are scholarly, peer reviewed or assessed by a professional organisation, and publishing original research.
ERA was run for the first time in 2010, repeated in 2012, then again in 2015.  Scopus was the provider of citation data for all 3 ERA reviews. For ERA2018, Web of Science, produced by Clarivate Analytics, is the citation provider.
More information can be accessed on the ERA website, and UniSA staff can also refer to BI Hub.

ERA 2018

The next round of the Excellence in Research for Australia is being held in 2018.

UniSA staff can access more information about ERA on the BI Hub.

Also see the Australian Research Council's ERA 2018 website.

ERA 2015

Excellence in Research for Australia was held in 2015.

UniSA staff can access more information about ERA on the BI Hub.

ERA 2012

The ARC's ERA outcomes 2012 page gives information about the ERA 2012 exercise. The journal rankings developed for the 2010 exercise were removed following feedback, and the ranked conference list used for some disciplines in 2010 was discontinued.

Read a summary of the key findings about UniSA's ERA 2012 performance, or view UniSA's full findings on the ARC website. The ERA 2012 National Report is also available.

ERA 2010

Information about the ERA 2010 inititiative is available from the ARC's ERA 2010 web pages. View UniSA's performance in ERA 2010 here.

The ERA 2010 journal list is no longer available for viewing on the ARC website, but is still viewable via John Lamp's unofficial ERA website at Deakin University. Journals in this list were ranked according to perceived importance. Journals were assigned a rating of A*, A, B or C.

The rankings were removed for the 2012 exercise following feedback.

A ranked conference list was used for some disciplines. See the ERA 2010 Ranked Outlets page for more information.