Evidence-Based Practice: Videos

DNA wall

John Goode, ‘DNA’, March 12 2005, CC license 2.0 Generic  CC BY 2.0, (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en),  Image source: Flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/johnnieb/17200471/)

Healthcare Triage

Healthcare Triage is a series about healthcare hosted by Dr. Aaron Carroll who explains healthcare policy, medical research, and answers a lot of other questions you may have about medicine, health, and healthcare.

"We want to translate data and evidence so that viewers can have a more sophisticated and rational discussion about policy," said Dr. Carroll. "For example, in our submitted episodes we used systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and individual studies to describe what is known, and how we might use evidence to move forward."

Explains what evidence based medicine and systematic reviews are.

Explains how a meta-analysis builds on a systematic review.

Explains what sensitivity and specificity is and how to calculate them.

Explains odds ratios, such as likelihood ratios, pre/post-test odds, and how to calculate them.

Explains relative risk reduction, absolute risk reduction, and numbers needed to treat (NNT) including how to calculate them.

Explains relative risk, absolute risk and numbers needed to harm (NNH) including how to calculate them.

Explains the differences between survival and mortality rates.

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