Beyond Google for your research: Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar

Advanced Scholar search

Once you have linked your Google Scholar session to UniSA as shown above, select the menu bar in the top right corner and choose Advanced Search.

Search options:

  • with all of the words finds records containing both or all of the search terms, and is equivalent to using the connector AND
  • with the exact phrase finds records that contain all terms in the order given
  • with at least one of the words finds any or all of the search terms, and is equivalent to using the connector OR
  • Return articles dated between filters by Date eg to 2015 - 2019
  • Where my words occur - you may find it useful to limit the results to words in the title

About Google Scholar

No need to subscribe

UniSA Library already has subscriptions to millions of resources, use the "Fulltext at UniSA" link on the right of Google Scholar to access resources through UniSA Library.

Setup your browser

Setup your browser with the University of South Australia Library links to enable the "Fulltext at UniSA" link to always show without linking from our site. To receive Library links in Google Scholar link your session to UniSA.

To link your session:

  • Select the hyperlink above. A new tab will open.
  • Check the tick boxes and then click Save.

Or, from Google Scholar directly:

  • Select the Settings ‘cog’ from the menu icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Select Library Links
  • Search for: University of South Australia.
  • Check the tick boxes and click Save.

Note: Your browser must have cookies enabled to retain the library links setting. Learn how to enable cookies on your browser.

Google Scholar Results


In Google Scholar you will find few but more relevant results when compared with other search engines.

Narrow your results by using the refine options, located on the left side of the search results screen

  • Custom range ... (date)
  • Sort by date or relevance
  • Include citations - untick to see only full text references (not recommended)

Scholar settings: 

  • Many sites may not be authoritative and may contain misinformation - you will need to evaluate the results.
  • Exporting - go to the Menu bar - Settings and make your selection under Bibliography Manager to export to EndNote. Select Save. You may need to return to the search screen to see the EndNote icon.
  • Select Full text at UniSA to see the complete article. You may need to authenticate using your UniSA user name and password to acces the full text off campus.
  • You may also find the PDF in freely available resources.
  • If the full text is not available, try typing the article title into the Library Catalogue.
  • Use the Cited by ... link to find out how often the article has been cited within Google Scholar.
  • Use Create Alert to set up a basic alert.