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The Research Outputs Repository (ROR) is a subset of the library catalogue. The simplest way of accessing the repository can be found on the library's homepage under Quick Links

Alternatively search the library catalogue from the library's homepage with some keywords, as in the example below

In both cases searches can be refined by clicking on the facets on the left-hand-side of the resultant set of records


The majority of the research degree theses in the Research Outputs Repository are available on Open Access. These are identified by an unlocked padlock icon . If you want to view a thesis click on the link within the record:

However some may be restricted due to commercial in confidence activities, patents pending or culturally sensitive material. Embargoed theses are not available for up to 2 years. In some instances the author has allowed staff and students of UniSA to view the thesis during the 2 year embargo period, so you will be prompted to login after clicking on the link within the record.



Search examples

Searching the Research Outputs Repository (ROR)

Add some search terms to the search box. If your search terms are broad you can refine your search further in the resultant set.

Refining your search

Searches can be refined in a number of ways including (but not limited to) format, subject and by school/research centre. In this example, a search for theses on social work can be refined by format (thesis) by clicking on Thesis

The search can be further refined by School/Research Centre. Because schools over of the history of UniSA have undergone name changes and mergers, you can choose up to 5 school names from the School/Research Centre facet. Clicking on 'more' allows you to choose school name variants.

Searching from the Library Catalogue

If you perform your search from the library catalogue, refine your search to Show Only 'Research Outputs Repository' and make further search refinements as required