Theses: Finding theses

Theses in the Library Catalogue

Theses in the Library Catalogue can include:

  • UniSA theses available in our research archive, Research Outputs Repository (ROR)
  • non-UniSA theses individually purchased - for example from the British Library
  • theses subscribed to via databases such as ProQuest

To find a thesis via the Library Catalogue:

1. Search for the exact title (if known), or just do a keyword search on your topic:

2. From the page with your search results, go to the 'Tweak my results' menu on the left and click 'show more' under Resource Type:

3. Tick the box next to Theses and then select Apply Filters.

Note:  You  can also add a filter to show only 'full text online'. This will exclude some older theses which may not have been digitised and are only available as a physical copy. 

4. You can also limit your results to Theses from UniSA only. To do this, expand the Collection submenu and select 'Research Outputs Repository' from the presented list, and Apply Filters.

Finding art theses / exegesis

ProQuest contains dissertations and theses from around th world.

1. Open the database ProQuest dissertations & theses global

2. Select the Advanced search option

3. On the first line, type in: "fine arts",
and then select All subjects & indexing- SU from the drop down box on the right (see image below)

4. In the second search box, type in MFA and choose Degree.
MFA stands for Master of Fine Arts (highest qualification for fine arts in the U.S.A.)

5. Click the search button: 

1. Go to the Advanced Search page in Trove

2. In the Keywords field, type in: exegesis

3.  In the Format field, select Thesis from the drop down:

 Click the Search button: 

Note: More information about accessing titles in Trove is available on the right hand side of this page (or further below, if you are viewing on a mobile device).

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Finding other Australian theses

Trove is an online discovery service run by the National Library of Australia. You can use Trove to search across theses written at most Australian universities (including UniSA).

To search Trove:

1.Go to the Advanced Search page

2. Enter in your search term.

3.  In the Format field, select Thesis from the drop down:

Click the Search button: 

5. Click the 'view all .... results' link under Books to see all of the theses.



Your results will mostly be under the heading of 'Books' because theses are like books in that they are also large singular texts. It does not necessarily mean that the items are physical volumes, this term can include downloadable files.

6. From the search results list, you can choose to sort by date.




7. When you have found a title you are interested in, click on the title to open the record for it.
8. Beneath the Edition Details, scroll down to 'Get this Edition'. If the thesis is available online, there will be an access link:





The link will take you to the hosting library's website where you should be able to read or download a copy of the thesis.

If there is no copy available for download, read on below for what to do next.

Obtaining a thesis from another library

You might discover a thesis you want to read via a:

If the full text is not available online, please submit an InterLibrary Loan via the:

     Resource sharing request form

Put in as much information as possible, under the heading of 'Book'. UniSA Library will then try to obtain either a physical or digital copy for you.