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Examples of UniSA Research

Kaleva, D (2015) 'Through the Lens of Performance and Performativity: Reframing the Research Quality and Impact of Ethnographic Digital Research Archives', in Research, Records and Responsibility. Sydney, Sydney University Press (forthcoming).

Boyle, S, Reaiche, C, Wu, C and Murad, W (2015) “Determining Factors Influencing Visitors’ Interest in International Performances: Evidence from Hong Kong Arts Festivals” Journal of Developing Areas (forthcoming)

Kaleva, D (2014)  'Performative Research: A Performance-led Study of 'Lamento d’Arianna' with Historically Informed Rhetorical Gesture' Musicology Australia, Special Issue: Music Performance and Performativity, Vol. 36/2, pp. 209-234.

Davidson, J & Kaleva, D (eds) (2014)  Special Issue: Music Performance and Performativity Musicology Australia, Vol. 36/2.

Boyle S and Joham C (2013) "The Informal Economy and the Arts: A Two Country Perspective". Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, Vol. 43, Iss. 3, pp. 153-166

Fewster, R (2012) 'Staging Virtual Worlds', Australasian Drama Studies (No. 60 April: 208-222)

Fewster, R (2012) ’Bleeding Ears Bron: Playing the String of Memory’,Book Chapter contribution for 'Legacies of war Anthology', Australian Scholarly publishing.

Kaleva, D (2012) 'Patronage through Dissemination: Louise Hanson-Dyer’s Patronage of Gustav Holst', Context: A Journal of Music Research , Vol. 37, pp. 77–91.

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