Nursing: NURS 3041: Becoming a Registered Nurse: Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Essay

In this assignment you need to write a 2500 words formal academic essay about leadership styles.
You should use a range of quality sources to support the argument that you are presenting in your essay. This workshop will get you started finding resources for your assignment.  

Please refer to the learnonline course site for assessment instructions.

Understand the task

View the Student Engagement Unit's Academic Skills website for help planning your assignment and making sense of the assignment and instruction words;


Plan your search

Step 1: Identifing concepts and alternative words

Start by identifying the concepts (main ideas) from your assignment topic prior to searching. Then consider alternative words for these concepts which, together with the concept term, become your searchable keywords.

Watch this video here to learn more about addressing a topic.

Example: Discuss how how transactional leadership contribute to enhancing teamwork in nursing

Concepts Keywords
transactional leadership managerial leadership, leadership style, leadership model, leadership approach
teamwork teams, team
nursing nurse, nurses


Step 2: Combined search string

Combine Concepts of your assignments using AND
Combine the alternate words using OR


transactional leadership OR managerial leadership OR leadership styles OR leadership models OR leadership approaches


teamwork OR teams OR team


Nursing OR Nurse

Step 3: With truncation / prases

  Add double quotes eg "registered nurse" for phrases using
  Add truncation symbol to search for different word endings


"transaction* leader*" OR "managerial leader*" OR "leader* style*" OR "leader* model*" OR "leader* approach*"





More information about identifing research concepts and alternative terms, connecting and combining terms to construct a search strategy is available here.

: In your assignment you are asked to discuss multiple concepts.

You might need to use individual search strings for each concept in order to locate relevant resources for each concept.

Find Journal Articles for your Assignment

Journals are the primary medium for scholarly communication and account for a large percentage of university research output. For this assignment you need to conduct extensive research and locate relevant, credible resources to support your arguments within your assignment.

Use these databases to search for journal articles

Evaluate your References

Once you have identified potential articles, you need to start evaluating them to identify which articles are the most relevant and appropriate.

Write your Assignment

View the Student Engagement Unit's Academic Skills website for help writing your assignment, or to make an appointment with SEU staff.


You must include references and correctly format them using the UniSA Harvard style. Correct referencing accounts for 5% of your total marks.

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!


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