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Construction Management, Quantity and Building Surveying: UniSA Online: Introduction to Construction Management - Assessment 2

Finding scholarly information for your report

UniSA Online - Introduction to Construction Management

This page will help you find scholarly information for your report (Assessment 2).

Always read all the information related to your assessments to understand exactly what you need to do. Make sure you check your: Course website.

Break down your question

Problem statement: "There is a need to rethink and improve traditional ways of managing construction projects for meeting the needs of sustainable construction practices."

To get started:

  • Identify the main ideas (key concepts) in the statement,
  • Think about how these concepts may be represented in the literature. For example, are there any synonyms (similar terms) you can think of?

Map out your key concepts and related keywords in a table or mind map:

managing construction practices sustainable
construction management approaches sustainability
construction planning methods environmentally friendly
Read the report's aims and description and then follow these steps:
  • Define any terms you are unsure of. Use an introductory book, dictionary, encyclopedia, handbook or website.
  • Identify main concepts in your case study. These will help you form your searches.
    • Concept 1: construction management
    • Concept 2: practices
    • Concept 3: sustainable
  • Identify any synonyms or similar keywords for each main concept.
    • Concept 1: construction management, construction industry....
    • Concept 2: practices, approaches....
    • Concept 3: sustainable, sustainability, environmentally....

    • What others can you think of?
  • Consider any:
    • word plurals (approach or approaches)
    • different word forms (sustainable or sustainability)
    • different word spellings (urbanisation or urbanization)
    • common acronyms (ICT or information and communication technologies)
Check out the following links for more help with planning your search:

Start your search

The Library catalogue and Google Scholar can good places to start searching for scholarly information.

Library catalogue search example

1. Type you main concepts into the search box:

  • Tip: use double quotes to keep concepts together as a phrase.

2. To broaden your search add synonyms using the connector OR:

  • Tip: Use brackets (...) to group synonyms together.

3. Use the 'Tweak my results' menu (left side) to apply any filters to your search.


Do this short interactive tutorial to learn more:

Searching databases

Library databases are search tools with more sophisticated search options. Use them to find articles, papers, book chapters and reports.

Learning to search key construction management databases will be useful throughout your degree.

Two key databases are:

1. Start by putting each different concept on a new line:


  • Tip: use double quotes "..." around any concepts you want to keep together as phrases.

What happens if you add another concept?

2. Add synonyms using the connector OR. This is important as not everyone refers to ideas in the same way. This will help broaden your search:

To look for recent scholarly articles you can apply the limits:

  • Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
  • Publication Date range
All journal articles in ScienceDirect are peer reviewed.

To search ScienceDirect select the Advanced search option (located on the right side).

1. In the field 'Find articles with these terms' enter your different concepts:

Tip: If you are not finding what you want, change the search terms you use for different results.

2. Use the Refine By (left) menu to refine your search further by:

  • Years
  • Article type (e.g. review or research articles)
Check out the following links for more help with searching databases:

More help

If you need help writing for your assessment visit:

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