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Finding scholarly and industry information for your literature review

Developing your research question

This page will help you find scholarly and industry information for your research paper.

Read all the information related to your assessment to understand exactly what you need to do.

For your research paper you will need to develop a research question.

Watch the following video for help developing your research question. Please note that while the example is not an aviation specific example the same techniques apply.

Plan your search

 Once you have developed your research question:

  • Identify the content words or main ideas in your question
  • Consider what the parameters of your research are e.g.
    • do you need to find recent information
    • what types of evidence do you need to find

We are using this example question in this Assignment help: "What do flight and cabin crew believe precipitates air rage in passengers during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Create a table to map out terms

Think about how ideas can be represented in the literature and table or map out possible alternative keywords or synonyms:

Main Concepts Synonyms
(alternative concepts)

Concept 1
Flight/Cabin Crew

flight attendant, air crew, aviation crew

Concept 2
Air rage in passengers

unruly, angry, abusive, agitated, argumentative, difficult

passengers, travelers, clients, customers

Concept 3

cause, influence, alcohol, medication, jet lag, anxiety, stress, border closure, masks

Concept 4
Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus, COVID, SARS-CoV-2

outbreak, epidemic

Tip: Scoping searches in the Library Collection, Google Scholar and Access Engineering can be useful to discover key terms by looking in in articles for relevant keywords.

Combine concepts to form your search strategy

Watch the following video for help building a search strategy by joining keywords using AND and OR.

Choose where to search

Finding methodologies

Finding industry information

To find Australian aviation industry information use IBISWorld

Search example:

Once in a report choose the Navigation bar on the left hand side

To find Global aviation industry information try the database Passport GMID

Applying your search

It is recommended that you also search for relevant academic (scholarly) literature using Library databases.

Depending on your research question you may not need to search on every concept. 

Search example in ProQuest Technology Collection - this includes the Advanced Technology & Aerospace and Materials Science & Engineering Databases

  • Start by typing each different concept into a new search field. Connect these using AND. Choose to search anywhere except full text.

Tip: Use double quotation marks around around phrases to keep them together

  • Add synonyms or alternative concepts to broaden your search. Connect these using OR.

  • Select search. You can then use the left menu to limit your search further.

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