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Using EndNote on campus

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REMEMBER: Save both your .data folder and your library .enl file to a USB before you log off

EndNote Data Folder and Library


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* Check for Updates: EndNote>Help
* To install updates follow instructions below using the Software Center

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* Install or update via the Software Center:
* Start> Type in 'Software center' (US spelling) in search box
* Select 'Software Center' listed under Programs
* Select EndNote from the list of Software you can install yourself without IT/Admin login (you may need to click the link 'Find additional applications...' click install

Software Center install EndNote

If there is a problem with EndNote on a UniSA computer please contact the IT Help Desk (x25000) for assistance.

EndNote FAQs

[By Japanese author, ‘3D Character and Question Mark’, 18 July 2008, CC License: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/deed.en), Image Source: flickr, https://www.flickr.com/photos/crystaljingsr/3914729343/]Have a question about EndNote?

See if it made our Frequently Asked Questions section

Install EndNote on your computer

Download EndNote

Before you download the software:

  • Read this first tab - print/ have the instructions on your screen
    • Make sure you follow the steps
  • Check System requirements to make sure your computer is compatible
    • If your computer is not compatible with EndNote X9 install a previous version (X8 available)
  • Go to the Download software tab to find the link to download

Icon designed by Freepik, CC Licence: CC BY 3.0, Image source: www.flaticon.com

Use the links below to

check your system requirements and word processor compatibility.

If your system requirements are not compatible with X9 you can download X8 see the link on this page.

Download or Print the instructions in the PDF file below and make sure you read them before you begin.Icon designed by Freepik, CC Licence: CC BY 3.0, Image source: www.flaticon.com

You will need to have them available as you install and configure EndNote to make full use of UniSA's resources. 

It is important to follow all steps so that you activate the UniSA licence.


Icon designed by Freepik, CC Licence: CC BY 3.0, Image source: www.flaticon.com
When you download EndNote to your computer, select the option "Save" (not open).

Note - The downloaded file for Endnote is a zipped file, the file must be completely extracted
(or saved) to your local machine e.g My Documents folder before the installation can read the Licence file


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Have EndNote already? Upgrade it

Adam Jenkins 'Microbee Computer-In-A-Book', CC Licence: CC BY 2.0, Image Source: FlickrFor best results and to take advantage of the complete updated sets of styles, filters and connection files always use the latest version of EndNote.

Always uninstall a previous version of EndNote before you install new EndNote software.

The University only supports your use of the current and one previous version of EndNote. Each EndNote version is compatible with the previous version so that your existing Library of references will work.

Backing up older files

Before updating to a new version of EndNote it's always a good idea to backup your files. NOTE: your libraries will not be deleted during installation.

After installation is complete, you should move any of the backed up files that you want to use into the Styles, Filters or Connections folders of the newly installed version of EndNote.

Update software patches are released frequently.  See Available software updates for EndNote for full instructions and details of the latest release.

X8: In EndNote, go to the Help menu, select Check for updates and follow the prompts.  If prompted, install updates in sequence to get to the most recent version.

Mac OS X:
X8:In EndNote, go to the Help menu, select Check for updates and follow the prompts.

Note: These updates are for computers outside the University network.  

Within the University all machines in the Library and student pools will be updated.  

Staff and PhD students may need to contact your local IT to arrange for updates to be added.

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Instructional Videos

This video will show you how to install EndNote on a device running Windows 10. If you are installing EndNote of a computer with a previous version of Windows, watching this video will still be useful.

Once you have installed EndNote, watch this video to learn how to correctly configure the settings in EndNote and how to add the Harvard-UniSA referencing style.

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Using Harvard-UniSA style?

If you are using the Harvard-UniSA Style please note that it is not supplied with the program. 

You will need to download and save it to the Styles folder after you have installed EndNote but before you use it.

See the Harvard-UniSA page to download the style.

Next to the EndNote Installation video on the right of this page, you can click on the tab that says 'Configuring EndNote and adding Harvard-UniSA'. Part of that video will show you how to upload the referencing style to EndNote.