Electronic resource trials: Current trials

This guide holds information on electronic resources under trial by the Library.

Electronic resource trials


UniSA Library aims to provide teachers, researchers and students with the most useful resources to carry out their work.

To help us make the right choices we arrange access to new electronic resources on a trial basis. We encourage you to use them and provide us with feedback. There are many valuable resources which could be considered for subscription, so please assist in the decision-making process by providing your thoughts.


Knovel helps engineers to solve complex problems by providing best practice insights, validated equations and materials and substances data.

  • Technical reference resources from 150+ publishers
  • Interactive content including equations, graphs and tables
  • 65M+ data points including material and chemical property data

Available until 30 November 2020

Trial suggestions

We welcome suggestions for resources that the Library could trial. Please send your suggestions to LBY-Eresources@unisa.edu.au.

HSTalks Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection


The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection of videos and lectures covers topics ranging from basic research to therapeutic intervention from the level of the single molecule to entire populations at both introductory and advanced levels. 

Subject areas include:

Microbiology, Cell biology, Cancer, Biochemistry, Clinical Medicine, Neuroscience, Genetics & Epigenetics, Immunology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Agriculture & Environment, Metabolism & Nutrition, Methods, Reproduction & Development, Diseases, Disorders & Treatments and Omics & Systems Biology

Available until 30 November 2020