Business: UniSA Online - BUSS 3107: International Business Environments - Assessment 2

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Research your international business plan          

Plan your search

To create your international business plan you will need to find:

  1. company information about Ivybrook Farm.
  2. industry information about the industry Ivybrook Farm operates within.
  3. country information.

Please refer to your course outline and website for your assignment details.

Where you need to search

The library holds a range of databases (search tools) to help you find company, industry and country information.

Company information top picks Industry information top picks Country information top picks
Ivybrook Farm's website Passport GMID

Passport GMID

Business Source Complete

  I want more I want more
  Business Source Complete OECD data

Tip: Both Passport GMID and Business Source Complete country reports may discuss Covid-19.


Company and Industry information guide

Finding industry information

Passport GMID search example

  • Search for wine in the search box (top of page.

search for wine in Passport GMID

  • From the results select the Analysis tab.
  • Then limit by geography for the country you are after.

GMID analysis tab and search refinements

  • Open the industry report by selecting the title.

Finding country information

Passport GMID search example

  • Select Economies, then Economy, Finance and Trade (top of page).

  • Scroll down to the Country Reports box.
  • Select Economy, Finance and Trade, then the country that you want from the drop down boxes.
  • Select Go.

Business Source Complete example

  • Type your country into the search box.
  • Type risk report into the second box, then search. 
  • Select the most recent risk report from the results.

Putting it together

If you need help writing your report see: