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Searching for company with ticker or stock symbol

A ticker or stock symbol is the abbreviation or code used to identify a company on a stock exchange. Most databases search by company name or ticker and will identify ticker symbols. Use the below quick look-up sites:

COVID-19 impact information

Passport GMID

Access via the UniSA Library here: Passport GMID

Note: This database requires a one-time registration. Add your UniSA email address to the mandatory field, read and accept Privacy and Security Policy then submit.

  1. To find information on COVID-19 in this database, type in coronavirus OR COVID-19 in the top search bar and click Go.Example search for coronavirus OR COVID-19 in Passport GMID
  2.  On the search results page, select the Analysis tab. You can then refine your search on the left hand side according to Geographies, Categories and Topics, and Analysis.

Example of tabs and menu in Passport GMID database

WARC (World Advertising Research Center)

Access via the UniSA Library here: WARC

  1. To find information on COVID-19 in this database, type in coronavirus OR COVID-19 in the top search bar.Search bar in WARC database, with search: coronavirus OR COVID-19
  2. On the search results page, go to the filters on the right hand side. You can check Recommended to start with or choose a particular category or location you're interested in.

Screenshot of filters in WARC database

Business Source Ultimate

Access via the UniSA Library: Business Source Ultimate

  1. To find information on COVID-19 in this database, we can type in covid OR coronavirus OR pandemic in the top search bar and click Search.
  2. On the search results page, you can narrow down the results by using the filters left hand side. You can filter by Industry, Geography, and Company as well as limit the results to peer-reviewed, full-text and by publication date.


Access via the UniSA Library here: IBISWorld

This database has COVID-19 impact update available for all industry research reports.

  1. To find information on COVID-19 in this database, simply search for an industry of your interest and click on a related industry report.
  2. On the industry report page, you can search within a report. Type COVID-19 in the search box to find within this report
  3. There is also an Australia COVID-19 Impact Tool available for download on the top bar where you can apply various filters such as Industry and State, and allows you to export the data generated. 

Australia covid-19 impact tool

D&B Hoovers

Access via the UniSA Library: D&B Hoovers

A good way to find COVID-19 information in the D&B Hoovers database is through Triggers. A trigger is a single event in time which can be a positive development or an adverse occurrence that provides a business a compelling reason to engage with a client or prospect. D&B Hoovers has a COVID-19 trigger designed to provide users with real-time and meaningful insight into how companies are being affected by the pandemic.

  1. You can search for triggers in the Explore Triggers option on the home page.
  2. You can also see a COVID-19 or coronavirus trigger when searching for a company or industry of interest (e.g. University of South Australia). From the company's page, select the Trigger icon to see the triggers results.
  3. You can also see triggers for Industries. Search for an industry of your interest and from that industry's page (e.g. Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing), select Triggers in the left hand side menu to see the list. If there are a lot of triggers results, you can type in coronavirus in the search bar on top of the results list to narrow down the list to that specific trigger type.



Access via the UniSA Library: Statista

  1. To find information on COVID-19 in this database, type in coronavirus AND australia in the search bar. 
  2. This simple search will already generate a lot of useful results such as the Coronavirus in Australia dossier which compiles information on health, economic impact,  travel and consumer behaviour.


EMIS University: the world

Access via the UniSA Library: EMIS University : the world

Note: For access, follow the Library collection link, and on the EMIS site either register for login credentials or use the button to select Guest Access.

From the Home page you can see the box called COVID-19 monitor

Select COVID-19 charts & graphs to examine pandemic trends. 

Select COVID-19 News for pandemic information that affects businesses.

Each section can then be explored through these sub-categories: Statistics, News, or Reports

Searching for industry by classification code

Industry classification systems are used by government and business for classifying industries by numerical code.  See the following websites to find the codes for industries you are researching:

Australian Financial Review

Navigate to Financial Review