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Company financials

Market index information

A market index is a calculation used to track and compare investment performance.

DatAnalysis Premium

Watch the below video (3 min 17 sec) to get a general overview of using DatAnalysis to find a range of financial information along with the ASX website:

DatAnalysis Premium

This database provides comprehensive information for all Australian Stock Exchange listed companies. These reports are updated daily from relevant ASX announcements. Information includes:

  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Growth rates
  • Price history 

  • Revenue/expense
  • Dividend history
  • Sundry analysis
  • Asset base

Tip: To find financial information in DatAnalysis, search for company and then select Financial Data from the menu on the left hand side.

screenshot of financial data link in side menu of DatAnalysis

See these guides for more information on how to navigate the database, visit the Help webpage:


A comprehensive investment tool used by financial and investment analysts, incorporating DataStream and Thomson One.

  • Formerly known as Thomson One Banker
  • Current data of exchange-traded instruments e.g. stocks, warrants, options, futures, indexes
  • Historical equity data
  • Government and corporate bonds
  • Foreign exchange rates
  • Commodities and energy
  • Economic indicators (e.g. consumer price index)


A comprehensive banking database that you can use to identify, analyze and monitor banks and other financial institutions. Information includes: 

  • 'As reported' data
  • Standardized data for detailed like-for-like analysis
  • Updated templates that reflect the latest accounting and regulatory disclosures
  • Market indicators, credit ratings, and Credit Default Swap (CDS) information
  • Information on banks including news, unique identifiers and original filings

Tip: To find financial information in BankFocus, use the Quick search bar and search by the company name.

For information on an advanced search, login to BankFocus > select the Help Icon > then select the Build a search quick guide created by BankFocus.


Provides access to Australia's most in-depth business and analysis tool covering over 50,000 of Australia's leading private and public companies. Financial information can be downloaded into an excel document and includes:

  • Income Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Profitability Ratios

Tip: To find financial information in Company360, search for company and then select Financials from the menu on the right hand side.

Example of menu

The Company360 User Guide can help you to learn more about how to navigate the database. Navigate to the University of South Australia account at the top right of the database, then select Help from the dropdown to access the User Guide.

D&B Hoovers

Provides business information and sales intelligence on millions of companies and executives worldwide.

  • Formerly known as OneSource
  • Access to broker reports for publicly listed organisations
  • Industry reports
  • SWOT reports for the top 5,000 global companies
  • Financial information including annual ratios, stock reports, geographical segments, business segments, income statements, balance sheets and cash flow

The company snapshot includes key financials. Once you have searched for a company, you can find more financial details in the panel on the left-hand side of the page.

Screenshot of Financials section of D&B Hoovers database menu

Dictionaries & encyclopaedias

Not sure what a financial term means? Have a look at some of the financial dictionaries and encyclopedias available through the library.