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Company and industry

Company and industry databases

Find a complete listing of key company and industry databases here.

Looking for company news or news analysis? Check out our News Media guide.

Company annual reports

Annual reports are a good source of information for the company's history, financial affairs and other activities.

  • Private companies are not always required to release information to the public, making them harder to research.
  • Public companies are required to provide quarterly and annual reportsmaking them easier to research.

Often you can find current annual reports from a company's website. Also try:


  • Australian industries, with some from the United States and China - public and private
  • Company reports on the top 2000 Australian companies
  • Australian Industry Risk Rating reports with forecasted risks the industry will face over the next 18 months

Finding company reports

  1. In the IBISWorld website, type the company name into the search box
  2. From the results list, click on the title to open the report
  3. Use the menu on the left hand side to browse key information

    Example of the navigation menu headings

  4. To download the report, click the red arrow icon next to the company name

To browse all company reports:

  •  Select Company Research from the top menu on the home page and then select Australia Company Reports

Finding industry reports

  1. In the IBISWorld homepage, type your industry into the search box 
  2. Select industry reports from the results lists. Tip: Look for the industry symbol next to the report or filters to narrow down the results

    Example of where to locate the industry icon.

  3. When you open the report, use the menu on the left hand side to browse key information 
  4. To download the report click the red arrow icon next to the industry name

To browse all Industry Research reports:

  1. Select Industry Research from the top menu on the IBISWorld homepage
  2. Select the country from the drop down menu, which is located on the left

Finding industry Risk Ratings reports

IBISWorld has 500 risk ratings reports. Tip: When in an Industry report, look for the lightning bolt symbol.

To browse all Risk Ratings reports:

  1. Select Risk Ratings from the top menu
  2. Select the Australia Risk Ratings Reports from the drop down options to see available risk ratings reports by industry

Finding Risk iExpert Summary reports

IBISWorld has 500 Risk iExpert summary reports. Tip: When in an Industry report, look for the lightbulb symbol.

To browse all Risk iExpert Summary reports:

  1. Select Risk Ratings from the top menu
  2. Select Australia Risk iExpert Summaries to see available summary reports by industry

Company 360

Navigate to Company360

  • Australian industries - public and private
  • Contains annual reports and detailed company ownership structure (family tree)
  • Download reports with income statements, cash flow statements. and profitability ratios
  • Generate a mailing list to conduct surveys

Quick search

  1. Use the Quick search icon (magnify glass) to open the search box and type in the name of a company
  2. Once you select a company, the company report page provides you with a snapshot of a company
  3. The menu on the right allows you to browse through more specific information, and you can download a report for the company

Advanced search

Use the Advanced Search option to build  a company list filtered by criteria, such as industry, location, number of employees, and many other attributes. It enables you to answer questions like this:

What are the mining companies in SA with more than $50M revenue?

Build your search by selecting criteria from the left hand side. For this example:

  • Location > State > SA
  • Industries > Industry search > B - Mining
  • Key Information > Revenue > $50m - $500m > Search

The Company360 user guide includes more instructions on advanced searching and is available on the database. To access this guide, navigate to the University of South Australia profile, at the top of the screen, click the drop down menu and select Help.

Mailing list

A mailing list provides you with contact details for a range of people within the company, which is useful for conducting surveys across a range of companies. Please note that email addresses are not included.

Mailing list instructions can be found in the Company360 user guide (pages 32 - 35).

DatAnalysis Premium

Navigate to DatAnalysis Premium database
  • Australia - public
  • Includes public companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • Corporate details - executive profiles and biographies, operational history
  • Shareholdings and dividend history, as well as historical financial data
  • Information regarding takeovers and mergers
  • See Data Overview for more

Company information

Use the search box on the right to search for the company's ASX code or name. This will open up the company report.

When in a Company Report:

  • to find subsidiaries: select Controlled Entities
  • to find ratios: select Financial data on the left, and then the Ratio tab
  • to see monthly (Jan 1988+) or daily (from Jan 2000) prices: select Price History
  • to see a price chart: select Price History, and then choose the Price Chart tab
  • to find current and previous annual reports - select Annual Reports

For searching tips, see the DatAnalysis Searching and Reporting guide through the DatAnalysis database.

Hoover's Company Profiles

Navigate to Hoover's Company Profiles

  • International - public and private
  • Includes company overviews, history, competitors and rankings
  • Company profile report includes a financial summary

Use the main search box to search for a company name.

  • Results will indicate 'Hoover's Company Records' for company profiles
  • Use the filters, under Document Type and choose Company Profiles to narrow down results

EMIS University: The world

Navigate to EMIS

  • The EMIS University database offers information on the more than 165 emerging markets
  • Contains research and analytical data, news, and hard-to-get information

Search the database by entering your search term/s into the global search box, or select a collated category to delve into a specific topic.

From the home page, locate the Industries box and select More about industries.

Now you can select which industry sub-categories to explore. Industry analysis includes:

  • Reports
  • News
  • Statistics
  • Trend comparison
  • Benchmark indicators

From the home page, locate the Companies box and select More about companies.

Now you can select your sub-category. Sub-categories in company analysis include:

  • Company information
  • Financial information
  • Create custom company reports
  • Evaluate a company's credit risk
  • Company news

D&B Hoovers

Navigate to D&B Hoovers

  • International - public and private
  • Formerly known as OneSource
  • Access to broker reports for publicly listed organisations
  • Industry reports
  • SWOT reports for the top 5,000 global companies
  • Financial information including annual ratios, stock reports, geographical segments, business segments, income statements, balance sheets and cash flow

Company information

Watch this short video (3 mins) on finding company information using D&B Hoovers.

Industry information

Watch this short video (3 min 8 sec) on finding industry information using D&B Hoovers.

Passport GMID

Accessing Passport GMID requires you to complete a one-time registration process.Example of registration steps

The first time you access Passport GMID you will need to:

  1. Add your UniSA email address to the required box
  2. Read and Accept Privacy and Security Policy
  3. Select Submit

Note: If you get an error message, close the tab in the browser and click on the link to access Passport GMID from the Library catalogue record again.

Navigate to Passport GMID

  • International - public and private
  • Contains approximately 1,500 company profiles for top 20-40 companies within an industry
  • Country reports provide commentary on sales trends, new product and marketing developments, consumer preferences, national company and brand competition and market strategies
  • Includes historic and consumer forecast statistics,  global reports, major market profiles, country reports, industry reports as well as brand and selected company information

Company information

  1. To find company reports, scroll down and find the Companies option from the Search All Categories box, and select Go.
  2. Enter a company in the search bar. Select the specific company profile/s, then Next.
  3. Select the relevant Category, then Next.
  4. Select the region in Geography, then Search.
  5. The company profile will appear with options. For example:

Example of search with industry and profile options

Industry information

  1. On the homepage, locate the Search All Categories box. Select the drop down option and select Industries and press Go.
  2. Select the industry, scroll down and select Next. Note: Expand industry options for specifics using the plus symbol.
  3. The next page will provide options for location. Expand the region for specific countries using the plus symbol and selection the country. Once selected, locate Search near the top of the page and select.
  4. An option of statistics, analysis and dashboards will appear. Select Analysis to see the available country reports.
  5. Select title of a country report to access datagraphics and more information.

Statistical information

  1. On the homepage, locate the Search All Categories box. Select the drop down option and select Industries and press Go.
  2. Select the industry, scroll down and select Next. Note: Expand industry options for specifics using the plus symbol.
  3. The next page will provide options for location. Expand the region for specific countries using the plus symbol and selection the country. Once selected, locate Search near the top of the page and select.
  4. An option of statistics, analysis and dashboards will appear. Select Statistics to see the available data.

Watch this helpful video (3 min) about working with statistics from Passport GMID on their website.

Business Source Ultimate

Business Source Ultimate

  • International- public and private
  • Access Company Profiles, Industry Reports, Country Reports, SWOT Analysis, Market Research Reports
  • USA focused but includes some Australian and international companies and industries

Please review these tutorials on how to conduct searches within the database:

Company information

Type in the name of your company and select CO Company Entity.

For more searching tips, please review this page: Searching for Company Information.


Company profiles

To find MarketLine/Medtrack Company Profiles, use the Company Profiles option.

For more tips, please review this page Search for Company Profiles

Industry profiles

To search for an industry profile, enter the name of the industry (i.e. wine or retail or perfumery) in the search box and click Search:

Under Refine Results select Source Types > Industry Profiles (select Show More to see the full range of sources)

Limiting by Industry Profiles [Image source: Business Source Complete, EbscoHost]


Navigate to Statista

  • The leading statistics portal
  • Industry statistics from market, trade, scientific, and government sources
  • Free to publish charts in presentations, website and marketing materials
  • Download diagrams as Graphic (PNG), Excel (XLS), PowerPoint (PPT) or PDF

Company and industry information

  • To find company information – type name of company into search box
  • To find industry information – type industry keywords into search box

Or go to the Reports tab, and find company or industry reports options from the menu bar.

Statista menu bar with the 'reports' tab highlighted.

How to use Statista

Watch this video (2 min and 40 sec) on how to use Statista.

World Advertising Research Center (WARC)

Navigate to WARC

  • An online service offering advertising best practice, evidence, and insights from the world's leading brands
  • Can search by brand or industry to get case studies of advertising and marketing campaigns
  • To browse articles in an industry select the three horizontal lines in the top right corner > Analysis > Browse by Topic > Categories
  • Results can be filtered by country and/or industry
See the User Guide for tips on navigating WARC