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BUIL 2018 Assignment 3

1. BUIL 2018: Building Estimating

Assignment Help BUIL 2028 Assignment 3

Assignment 3 for Building Estimating is a group report.

Before you start, it is strongly recommended that you:

Read ALL the assessment instructions available on your learnonline course site. 

2. Plan & start your search

Planning your search is key to getting the most out of your search results. Click on the SEIRA Search Owl below to refresh your knowledge on how to plan your search. 

Navigate to SEIRA Search owl module

3. Writing your assignment

Visit the below Study help pages for more assistance with preparing your assignment: 

For more assistance with assignment writing you can talk to a learning advisor.

4. What is a Tender?

5. Writing A Tender Submission

Writing a Tender Submission

The following sites will guide you in understanding what should be included in a good tender submission.

Writing a cover letter

The following resources demonstrate what type of information could be included in a tender submission cover letter.

These resources are intended as a guide. It is up to you to determine what you should include and exclude based on your assignment instructions.
For more assistance with assignment writing you visit the study help page or talk to a learning advisor.

6. Getting Started With Excel

During this assignment you have been asked to use Excel to record your building estimates. LinkedIn Learning can help you familiarise yourself with Excel, with its variety of courses and videos at different levels. 

If you don't have access to Excel, UniSA in partnership with Microsoft, allows eligible UniSA students to download and access the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus suite of software. Visit the AskIT student Software page to learn more. 

7. Check Standards

  Check Standards

Read How to find Australian Standards below for step by step instructions on how to search for Standards in TechStreet.

   More help with Standards

Examples of how to reference and do in-text citations for Standards:

To access standards not included in the current subscription or any other questions, please contact the Library:

8. Check NCC

  Check NCC 2022 Volume Two

To access NCC 2022 Volume Two you need to register with the National Construction Code website and verify your email address.

NCC banner

Once your verification is confirmed, Login to the Australian Building Codes Board website, select NCC > NCC Suite and select NCC 2022 Volume Two.

Alternatively, you can access via your eReadings link on your LearnOnline Course page - remember to register with the National Construction Code website and verify your email address.

9. Referencing

Navigate to SEIRA Reference module

Now that you have the information needed for your assignment, it is time to review your referencing technique. Click on the SEIRA Referencing Owl above to find out more about how to reference successfully. 

10. Act ethically

All Construction Managers are required to attribute authorship of designs, plans, site maps, and documentation throughout their career. Click on the SEIRA Act Ethically Owl below to find out more.

Navigate to SEIRA Act Ethically Owl module

11. More help


For more help with this assignment please contact Ask the Library or the Student Engagement Unit.