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Searching the library collection

Try some of the example searches below. These searches are broad enough to allow you to find and explore a wide range of resources.

Search Tip:
look at the subject headings shown on the item record to see similar resources relating to that particular topic or subject. 

A few journals

All of these journals contain articles on drawing, painting and/or printmaking

Other resources

'Collection highlights'

Quilty: Painting the Shadows (Movie 2019) (ABC)

  • This fascinating exploration of the creative process follows one of Australia's leading contemporary artists, Ben Quilty, as he completes one of his most challenging artworks.

Creatives: Patricia Piccinini - Ep 3 Of 4

  • A portrait of world-renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini - famous for her bizarre creatures. Capturing a pivotal moment of change as she creates a new body of work that includes Skywhale - a massive hot-air-balloon.

A few artists: search the library catalogue for material about...