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ORCiD: ORCiD for Research Degree Candidates

ORCiD for UniSA researchers

ORCiD for Research Degree Students

In November 2018, UniSA's Research Degrees Committee endorsed :

  • that the creation of an ORCiD be included as a formal requirement of the first year of the annual review of progress
  • that the ORCiD be displayed on the title page of the thesis

These changes came into effect for students commencing from 2019.

Why is UniSA requiring an ORCiD be created?

ORCiD used internationally by the research community, is a unique 16 digit number that you can use throughout your career, to ensure that your research outputs (publications) are correctly attributed to you and not another researcher who has the same name. ORCiD identifiers are increasingly being required by funding bodies and publishers as a way to identify researchers submitting papers or applying for grants.

Creating or connecting your ORCiD with UniSA

UniSA ORCID iD Registration

Refer to the ORCiD @ UniSA tab for information on how to:

  • create an ORCiD for the first time, or
  • if you already have an ORCiD, how to connect it with UniSA.

UniSA only collects those ORCiDs that are registered with UniSA - you will need to create and register your ORCiD with UniSA in order for it to be recorded.

FAQs for Research Degree Candidates

Q. I already have an ORCiD, why do I need to register it with UniSA?

A. By registering your ORCiD with UniSA, this will enable the automated transfer of the details of research outputs from the UniSA Research Outputs Repository to your ORCiD profile. This will help to maximise the overall visibility and promotion of your research activities

Q. How does having an ORCiD appear on my research outputs (publications)?

A. Some publisher systems will display the ORCiD ID badge next your your name, which includes a direct link to your profile on ORCiD

Taylor & Francis journal article with ORCiD iDs

Q. Can I get an ORCiD badge?

A. Unfortunately at this stage a badge cannot be done automatically. Your ORCiD number is an html link so you can copy and paste this as needed