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Task: Essay plan and Essay

This guide is designed to provide you with information and tips to help you find academic sources including peer reviewed journal articles for your assessment.

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Is it an 'academic' source?

Searching tips

Searching the collection

The Library collection is a great place to find books and articles for you essay.

Searching can be trial and error to see what keywords or combination of keywords work. Here are some example searches:

Piaget AND cognit* AND development disorder* AND etiology prosocial AND situation*
disorder* etiology  "early childhood" OR "early development" personality trait*

Once you have run your search use the Refine my results to narrow your results. Here are some examples:

  • Narrow Resource Type to Books or Articles
  • Show Only select Peer-reviewed Journals (note this will remove books)
  • Publication Date add a date range e.g. if you only want results from the last 5 years

More help:

Take a 15 minute tutorial to sharpen your skills and Learn to Search the Collection

Watch the How to search the Library collection video

Understand your topic with Oxford Bibliographies

A few relevant peer reviewed journals

PsycINFO getting started

DSM-5 Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders

APA Style

The Academic Writer Tutorial: Basics of Seventh Edition APA Style provides an introduction to the seventh edition APA style and is designed for writers new to the style.

APA style tutorial

Learn about referencing using the seventh edition APA style in this interactive tutorial from JCU Library. Create a reference for a book, a journal article and and a webpage. Tutorial on referencing using APA 7

Study help

The Student Engagement Unit has created a suite of resources called Study Help that can help you understand different assignment types.

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PASS sessions are free and informal study sessions run by students who excelled in the course. Designed to help you better understand the course. Click on the link to view the timetable.