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ORCiD: FAQ and Help

FAQ and Help

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the ORCiD@UniSA project.

You have control over the information that is displayed in each section.
Use the visibility settings buttons to manage what can be seen by everyone; by trusted parties; and only me.
Each weekday the system checks for researchers who have authorised UniSA to update their ORCiD. If your ORCiD already displays on your staff home page, then the Works section will be updated the next day. If your ORCiD is not on your staff home page, then it will be automatically added and the Works section will then update within 5 working days.
Every time a new research output is processed in ROR, the system will check to see if it is in your ORCiD. The metadata is matched on:
  • Handle - the unique link for the output in the Research Outputs Repository
  • DOI - the Digital Object Identifier
  • combination of exact title, year and output type. This is an exact match, so if there are variations in punctuation, spacing etc, it will not match and a duplicate will appear.
When the matching is not successful and a duplicate record appears, deleting the UniSA-provided publication will cause the record to be re-inserted when our process next runs. If the duplicate publication record is self-submitted, the researcher should add the Handle or DOI if available and/or change the title to match. If the duplicate publication record is sourced from another trusted party, the researcher should set the visibility to Private (ie use the red padlock) for whichever one of the duplicate records they do not wish to have displayed.
The Library regularly checks the status of outputs that are in press, and automatically updates the metadata in the Research Outputs Repository. At this time, the system will also check your ORCiD profile, and send the updated information to your ORCiD when the source is The University of South Australia.
Go to the Registration page at

Underneath the My ORCiD ID box, look for If this ORCiD ID is not correct, please click here: ORCID is incorrect and complete the steps. You will receive a notification when this has occurred.
You can revoke access at any time. To do this, go to the Registration page at

Underneath the My ORCiD ID box, look for the If you no longer want UniSA to help maintain your ORCiD record, click here: Revoke authorisation and complete the steps. You will receive a notification when this has occurred.
This is due to the matching algorithm that includes a DOI for the book, and then DOIs for each chapter. ISTS are aware of the problem and will investigate a solution. If this is a major issue for your grant application, please contact Ask the Library for some assistance.

Quick Guides

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- Publisher requirements and data availability statements

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