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Copyright Guidelines

UniSA copyright guidelines


Where no licence agreement is in force, and the intended use of third-party copyright material extends beyond what copyright legislation allows, staff—on behalf of the University—must obtain written permission from the copyright owner. An example of this would be when you need to seek permission to use unlicensed third-party materials for activities such as research or consultancy, public lectures, or marketing and promotional activities. 

Staff are responsible for ensuring that material used with permission complies with the terms and conditions of the permission granted.

Copies of permissions must be lodged with the Library's Collection Management and Copyright Services team, to ensure a record of evidence that permission has been granted is stored in such a way that it can be accessed by the University at any time. 

Staff publishing webpage content must ensure that all materials on their webpages are covered by a licence, exception or permission.

Seeking permission for or on behalf of the University

The University can assist staff with seeking permission to use copyright material for University publications, webpages, events or course materials. This can include:

  • If you wish to copy a substantial part of a published work which is still available for purchase.
  • If your intended use falls outside the provisions of a contractual agreement or licence.
  • If you intend to use more than is permitted under the Australian Fair Dealing provisions.
  • If you wish to re-use student work.
  • If you wish to use photographs of people. This may infringe the University's Privacy Policy, particularly if the subject is clearly recognisable. Always obtain permission from the person photographed before re-using their image. 
    Talent Release Forms are generated through software called Contract Express.  Access to this software is limited by UniSA's licence.  Staff who have been nominated by their Administrative Unit or Division will be able to log onto the system and create documents. Staff who wish to gain access to Contract Express should, in the first instance, discuss this with their Director, Head of School or Business Development Manager.

If you need to verify the status of a permission request, or determine whether the University has obtained permission to use a particular work, contact Ask the Library.

If you need to seek permission yourself (i.e. for publication, commercial, or personal use), you must ensure that any permission is obtained in writing. The Thesis Toolkit contains a sample permission letter and copyright material log.

If you need to seek permission to use copyright material for University publications, webpages, events or course materials please submit a permission request.