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Evaluate information

Is what you have located relevant and reliable? Are you uncertain whether to use the information you have found? Always critically evaluate what you find:

When evaluating information you can use the CRAAP test:

Currency How current does the information need to be? Do you need to use information published in the last five years or are older, seminal works fine to use?
Relevance Does the information found answer your question? Do you understand the content and is it at the right level for your purpose?
Authority What are the author's qualifications? Are they linked to a particular organisation such as a university, research institute or government department?
Accuracy Is evidence given for the research undertaken? Can you verify the information presented by using other sources? Is there a bibliography or references given?
Purpose Is it trying to communicate research, persuade you or sell you something? It is expressing an opinion, or is it balanced and objective?

Study help

Being able to critically think about, and read information you find is key to understanding the content and making informed judgments about it.

You cannot assume that everything published is the accurate, good quality and the best evidence.

Quick guides to help you:

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