Anatomy and Physiology: Tests & Quizzes

Interactive Quizzes

Head build animation

Primal Pictures from Anatomy.TV have accurate and detailed 3d online models which are fully interactive. 

These include:

  • A 3D atlas of the human body
  • Fully interactive models
  • Quizzes and activities
  • Perceptual and adaptive learning modules

Test your Anatomy knowledge

Anatomy PALMs

PALMs is scientifically proven to reduce learning time and increase retention.

You can test your knowledge by using Anatomy PALMs.  Anatomy PALMS includes perceptual and adaptive learning modules of human anatomy which helps you to test your knowledge of the human body.

Login to Anatomy TV then click on the 'Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules' tab, download the apps to begin mastering anatomy today.

Functional Anatomy

Access the Functional Anatomy modules through Anatomy.TV.


Augmented Reality

Anatomy.TV have developed a new innovative product to deliver greater engagement and contextual understanding of anatomy Real Time Augmented Reality. AR mode enables you to use your mobile device as a ‘window’ through which you can view and interact with the model as it is projected into the three-dimensional space of the real world.

Please click the image for a demo and view the instructions for downloading the app.