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What is it?

The collection aims to support pre-service teachers. It contains the latest physical and digital resources that can be used to plan for field placements within schools. The collection is held at both the Mawson Lakes and Magill Libraries and organised by the Australian Curriculum Learning Areas (ACARA).

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How to search the collection online

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   Special Collection

You can browse or search the collection online here:

   Library Collection - online

Alternatively, you can do a keyword search using the Library collection search box:

1. Type in “Pedagogies in Practice”

2. Then use the Refine my results menu to limit your search by Collection > Pedagogies in practice option

screenshot of Library Collection filtered to Pedagogies in Practice

3. To lock in this limit to apply to all future searches select Remember all filters

screenshot showing Libary Collection Active Filter as Pedagogies in Practice

4. Now search by Subject area, theme or age group e.g. science, mathematics, literacy, numeracy, high school, secondary school, primary school and so on


NOTE: Subject searches may also retrieve older materials from the History of Primary Education (HOPE) Collection (identified by a call number with the prefix HOPE). If you do not want these older materials in your search results, you can either sort your results by date to see the most recent items, or can use the Collection limit to exclude them.

Other filters you may be interested in applying include:

Resource Type > Other This will help you find kits, 3D toys and games
Resource Type > Videos This will help you find DVDs and streamed videos
Subject Refine by age groups, themes or resource types
Show only > Physical Items This helps you find only physical items

How to borrow, return and request


Resources from the collection may be requested and collected at another campus, just sign into the Library collection using your user name and password.

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1. Take the items to a self check machine:

Mawson Lakes - located on Level 1 in the Foyer opposite the AskLibrary/AskIT Service Point

Magill - there are two, immediately to the left or straight ahead as you enter the Library, next to the AskLibary/AskIT Service Point

2. Scan your Student ID card

3. Place items on the bench

4. They will automatically scan and appear on the screen

5. Double check the number of items match what you are borrowing

6. Select finish


Before returning items, please ensure they are in the same condition you borrowed them in – that means please clean the item, either with disinfectant wipes or a spray. If parts of the item break or pieces go missing, please contact Ask the Library so we can repair or arrange replacements.


At Mawson Lakes:

  1. Through the returns chute in the glass foyer before you enter the Library
  2. If the item is oversize, place directly in the Returns bin in the Returns Room - a sign on the chute shows how to find the Returns Room (NOTE: after hours scan your Student ID card to enter the building)


At Magill:

  1. Through the returns chute on the left of the entrance before entering the Library
  2. If the item is oversize, you will need to return it manually via the self check machine (NOTE: after hours scan your Student ID card to enter the building)
  3. Select the “Return” function and place in the wire basket provided

How to borrow, return and request for regional and OCLS

   Borrow, Return, Request

Resources from the collection may be requested and sent to you, just sign into the Library collection using your user name and password.

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How to find items on the shelf

   Library Collection - physical

navigate to library record for Flexible nylon sports cones

Each item record in the collection tells you its Availability e.g. online or shelf location.

For items on the shelf you need to:

  • Note the location - Mawson Lakes or Magill Library
  • Note the category colour, number and letter sequence Yellow 790 FNSC as this is the location you need to go to within the Pedagogies in Practice collection
  • Follow the number sequence until you locate resources at the stated number 790
  • Look at letter sequence at the end to find the correct resource FNSC

Modern Teaching Aid Pty Ltd 2020, Flexible nylon sports cones., Modern Teaching Aids Pty Ltd, Brookvale, New South Wales.

What do you want in the collection?

   Suggest a resource

If you see or use a resource while you are on placement we want to know. Contact Ask the Library or fill in the below form.

Australian Curriculum Learning Areas (ACARA)

navigate to Australian Curriculum structure

Indigenous knowledge resources

The University of South Australia aims to empower all teachers to integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in their teaching using curriculum resources that incorporate Indigenous knowledge.

Teaching resources database


Primary teaching resources

No matter what level you teach, look no further for 1000s of primary teaching videos and resources to engage students in learning. Discover a comprehensive and regularly updated library of ClickView-produced videos aligned to the primary curriculum, plus the best available free-to-air TV programs and movies.

 Video Length: 1 min 27 sec

Secondary teaching resources

For dynamic secondary teaching and learning resources to support you in any subject. Explore the extensive, regularly updated library of ClickView-produced, curriculum-aligned videos, along with highlights from free-to-air TV.

 Video Length: 1 min 20 sec

English and Literacy database

   Reading Australia

Primary teaching resources

The resources for primary level were developed by the Primary English Teaching Association of Australia and the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association.

 Video Length: 1 min 50 sec

Secondary teaching resources

Resources for secondary level were jointly commissioned by the Australian Association for the Teaching of English and the English Teachers Association (NSW).

 Video Length: 2 min 28 sec

Children's Literature database

   Story Box Library

navigate to Library record for Story Box LibraryStory Box Library is like an online ‘reading room’ where Australian Children’s Literature is on permanent exhibit. It provides the precious experience that sharing a book entails via a diverse range of everyday Australian storytellers. Listen to sportspeople, musicians, grandparents, teenagers, comedians, actors, with varying accents and from different cultures - each sharing past and present stories to give a vibrant and interactive experience. The result is meaningful, entertaining readings that focus on both teller and tale.

 Video Length: 1 min 42 sec

Other helpful guides

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