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Mechanical engineering organisations

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Life at university is about more than just study. USASA, the University of South Australia Students’ Association, can help you become part of the student community. Below is a list of clubs that will help you discover the wider university experience that will see you graduate with professional and social skills so you’re ready to take on the world.

Why choose Mechanical Engineering?

With the focus of this degree on real solutions for real-world engineering problems, students will study ; Dynamics and controls; Thermodynamics and sustainable energy technologies; Mechanical system design and advanced materials; Intelligent manufacturing and digital prototyping and Industrial automation and machine learning. Students will have access to IniSA's state-of-the-art engineering spaces, including the Engineering Mechatronics Lab; Experience One Studio; and the Experiential Learning Suite. 

For videos and more information on why Mechanical Engineering might be for you, see the Bachelor of Engineering (flexible entry), Mechanical Engineering program pages.