Engineering: ENGG 1003: Sustainable Engineering Practice

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How To Guides

Head to the How To Guides for videos, interactive tutorials and handouts about:

  • Finding peer reviewed journal articles
  • Connecting and combining search terms
  • Planning your search
  • Evaluating information
  • EBook guide
  • Managing references
  • Getting help in the Library
  • And much more!

Search tips

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The main concepts in your question form the foundation of your search:

  1. sustainable
  2. engineering
  3. community development

To cover the range of terminology used in the literature, you must also identify any synonyms or similar keywords for each concept:

  1. sustainable, renewable, alternative
  2. engineering, technology, applied science
  3. community development, progress, welfare, engagement

Also consider:

  •  Plurals, different word forms (engineering vs engineer),
  •  Different spellings (civilisation vs civilization), and hyphenated words (eco friendly vs eco-friendly)
  • Acronyms (Work Health and Safety vs WHS)

Once you have your list of terms for each concept, you can combine them to create a search strategy. Combine these keywords using the search connectors OR & AND.

OR: combines similar keywords - sustainable OR renewable
AND: combines different concepts - sustainable AND engineering

Use an asterisk * to find word variations e.g. engineer* will find engineer, engineering, etc. Use double quotes for phrases such as "civil engineering".

Search example: "sustainable" OR "renewable" AND "engineer*" AND "community development" OR "community engagement"

Managing Your References

Head to the Managing References guide to access:
- Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)
- Bibliographic management software e.g. EndNote 
- Referencing help for various referencing styles
- Referencing forum

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Assignment 1

For information please refer to the Course Outline.