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Government agencies

Government departments and agencies are an excellent source of information resources such as annual reports, budget papers, speeches, policy documents, legislation and statistical data.

See the following Government portals to start your search:


Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

NGOs are independent organisations focused on particular issues, often working with government partners to provide advice and assistance, or campaigning governments to take action. They can be a great source of facts, figures and reports. These are just a few...

Think tanks

Think tanks

Think tanks, or policy institutes, are research centres that focus on particular issues such as social policy and national security. They are an excellent source for policy documents and reports. Keep in mind they can be biased towards a particular political ideology, political party or funded by corporations or individuals.

Media Watch: Disclosing the funding on think tanks
Media Watch episode 17, aired 17 May 2013 on ABC

The think tanks shaping Australia
5 part series on Australia's most influential think tanks by Christiane Barro, The New Daily, June 2019

The IPA has captured the Liberal Party
by Mark Buckley, Independent Australia, 22 March 2020

Organisations and websites