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Reminder: Publisher caps apply for SpringerNature, Taylor & Francis and Wiley journals

Some Read & Publish agreements include a limit or 'cap' on the number of journal articles that can be published in a calendar year. This applies to articles published by AIP Publishing, Elsevier, Oxford University Press, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley and Hindawi.

See the table below for the latest cap update, noting that SpringerNature, Taylor & Francis and Wiley are all expected to run out in October. Note there is a lag of a few days with the updating of caps data in the table. The Library monitors the cap situation and provides regular updates via reports, newsletters and research committees.

Tip: Before submitting a journal article, check the journal website for any indication of how long it may take for an article to pass through the publishing process. Once the cap has been reached, there is no Library funding available to help pay Article Processing Charges (APCs).

Contact Ask the Library if you have any questions.

Read & Publish Agreement news

List of journals by publisher with FoRs and journal quartiles

The Read & Publish agreement spreadsheet which lists journal titles by publisher, and includes Field of Research and quartile information from Journal Citation Reports (using the same information as in internal university reporting) is available for UniSA staff and student use only. As this list is updated during the year, be sure to refer to the latest version each time you publish rather than a previously downloaded copy.

As a second step, go to the journal and publisher website to verify the latest information prior to submitting the article. If you would like additional information, please contact Ask the Library.

Reminder re BMC journals

Please note that although UniSA Library has a Read & Publish Agreement with SpringerNature, BMC journals are not part of the agreement, and Article Processing Charges will apply.

It takes time to publish!

When deciding where to publish an article, check the journal website for any indication of how long it generally takes for an article to pass through the publishing process.  Factor in enough time for the article to get through peer review and any revision, and promptly action acceptance - particularly if you are publishing with a journal where a cap applies.


Author eligibility

To be eligible to publish under UniSA's Read & Publish agreements, there are 3 important details:

  • the corresponding author must be from University of South Australia (current staff, student or adjunct)
  • the corresponding author must submit using their UniSA email address, not Gmail or other personal email
  • University of South Australia should be listed as the first affiliation for the corresponding author.

Article types

Not all article types are eligible. For instance, original research and reviews are usually eligible, but editorials and letters may not be. Refer to the journal website or information within the publisher links below to check.

Other charges

Page and colour image, or exceeding page length charges may still apply, and need to be paid by the researcher. Check on the journal website for further information.

Which Creative Commons license should I use?

When covered by a Read & Publish agreement, journal articles are published as open access under a Creative Commons license. See Choosing a Creative Commons License for your research [PDF, 195KB] for further information on these licenses.

For some publishers (for example Elsevier) the default, preselected license in the article submission workflow is CC BY, which is the most open license for sharing and re-use. For any NHMRC funded research, CC BY must be used, as per their Open Access Policy.

Publisher agreements at UniSA

AIP Publishing


Biochemical Society (Portland Press)


Cambridge University Press



IOP Publishing

IWA Publishing

John Benjamins


MA Health Care

Oxford University Press


Springer Nature

Taylor and Francis

The Royal Society

Wiley and Hindawi

Explaining Read & Publish Agreements

The Library is participating in several Read & Publish agreements with major publishers to support UniSA academics wishing to publish Open Access. This page will continue to be updated as further information becomes available. Please contact Ask the Library if you have any questions.

These agreements allow researchers to publish direct to Open Access with no transactional Article Processing Charges (APCs), providing more equitable access and enhancing potential research impact.

Some key points to note:

  • Not all publishers offer Read & Publish Agreements, or UniSA Library may not have signed an Agreement with that publisher.
  • Not all journals from included publishers are eligible under these Agreements. This includes Nature and BMC journal titles. With some journal/publishers, some journals may be eligible for a discount on the APC. See the Publishing tab for further information.
  • Each Agreement has different conditions. For example, some publishers will allow unlimited submissions, whereas other publishers may set a limit that will apply across all participating universities/institutions in Australia and New Zealand.