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Status of publisher caps (updated 24 November 2023)

The Springer Nature cap has now been reached for 2023. The cap will reset on 1 January 2024 at which point approvals will resume. if you have a journal article accepted between now and 31 December 2023, any Article Processing Charges (APCs) will need to be paid by researchers, or elect to publish Green Open Access where available.

The Wiley/Hindawi cap calculation has been modified to only count articles accepted in 2023, with a predicted date of the cap being exceeded by 15 December.

Contact Ask the Library if you have any questions or concerns about the eligibility of articles submitted for these agreements in the lead up to the 2023 caps being reached. 

List of journals by publisher with FoRs and journal quartiles

The Read & Publish agreement spreadsheet which lists journal titles by publisher, and includes Field of Research and quartile information from Journal Citation Reports (using the same information as in internal university reporting) has been temporarily removed, and will be available again by late January 2024. This is due to the capped limits for 2023 being reached with Springer Nature and about to be reached with Wiley, and because some journals are changing publisher. 

Some publishers have released journal changes for 2024, including: Wiley 2024 journal changes, and Oxford Academic (OUP) Changes to journal lists by year.

If considering where to publish during this time, go directly to the journal and publisher website to see the latest information prior to submitting the article. If you would like additional information, please contact Ask the Library.

Publisher caps

Some Read & Publish agreements include a limit or 'cap' on the number of journal articles that can be published in a calendar year. This applies to articles published by AIP Publishing, Elsevier, Oxford University Press, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley and Hindawi.

Reports are available to show the current cap status. These can be found where applicable under the relevant publisher below, in the State of current caps tab.

The Library monitors the cap situation and provides regular updates via reports, newsletters and research committees.

Contact Ask the Library if you have any questions.


Author eligibility

To be eligible to publish under UniSA's Read & Publish agreements, there are 3 important details:

  • the corresponding author must be from University of South Australia (current staff, student or adjunct)
  • the corresponding author must submit using their UniSA email address, not Gmail or other personal email
  • University of South Australia should be listed as the first affiliation for the corresponding author.

Article types

Not all article types are eligible. For instance, original research and reviews are usually eligible, but editorials and letters may not be. Refer to the journal website or information within the publisher links below to check.

Other charges

Page and colour image, or exceeding page length charges may still apply, and need to be paid by the researcher. Check on the journal website for further information.

Publisher agreements at UniSA

AIP Publishing

APA (Commencing January 2024)

Key details

Authors are eligible if they are the UniSA-affiliated corresponding author at the time of article acceptance. Authors must use their institutional email address when submitting an article for publication.

The Open Access publishing covered under this agreement will include original, fully peer-reviewed Research articles (including Brief reports) and Review articles.

While we do not have a full title list available yet, the APA agreement will allow for APC-free publishing in APA-published hybrid journals indexed in APA PsycArticles and also in APA’s only Gold open access journal Technology, Mind, and Behavior. It excludes Hogrefe-published journals.

Additional information

  • The default licence option is CC BY
  • There is no cap on the number of articles that can be published under the terms of this agreement.
  • Page charges will only be applicable if an article has colour figures that will appear in colour in a print journal (i.e., not just online).

Authors will submit articles via the Editorial Manager peer review platform. Qualifying authors and their institutions are contacted by email with links to the APA open access platform.

For details on APA’s general publishing requirements, please see APA’s author guidance and existing manuscript preparation guidelines.

Biochemical Society (Portland Press)


Cambridge University Press



IOP Publishing

IWA Publishing


MA Health Care

Oxford University Press


Springer Nature

Taylor and Francis

The Royal Society

Wiley and Hindawi

Explaining Read & Publish agreements

The Library is participating in several Read & Publish agreements with major publishers to support UniSA academics wishing to publish Open Access. This page will continue to be updated as further information becomes available. Please contact Ask the Library if you have any questions.

These agreements allow researchers to publish direct to Open Access with no transactional Article Processing Charges (APCs), providing more equitable access and enhancing potential research impact.

Some key points to note:

  • Not all publishers offer Read & Publish agreements.
  • Not all journals from included publishers are eligible under these agreements.
  • Each agreement has different conditions. For example, some publishers will allow unlimited submissions, whereas other publishers may set a limit that will apply across all participating universities in Australia.