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Searching the library collection

Not sure where to start?

Try some of the example searches below. These searches are broad enough to allow you to find and explore a wide range of resources.

Try limiting your results further using 'refine my results' to find relevant publications e.g. format, subject, date.

Search Tip:
look at the subject headings shown on the item record to see similar resources relating to that particular topic or subject. e.g.

Works by, and about specific architects, practices or researchers
To find publications about individuals, institutions, or practices you can try searching by name or title e.g.


The following researchers specialise in the field of Aboriginal architecture. Using the links below, look at the publication lists to find books, journal articles, and more on Aboriginal architecture:

In the field: a small sample of projects and practitioners

The following links are examples of Aboriginal architectural projects. 

The following are links to both Aboriginal architects and Aboriginal-owned architectural firms.