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What is a standard?

Standards are published documents which establish specifications and procedures to ensure that a material, product, method or service consistently performs as intended. Standards are developed by various agencies, trade and professional associations. Some standards are voluntary while others are enforced by legislation (mandatory).

Standards AustraliaMost Australian standards are produced 
by Standards Australia

STANDARDS - Techstreet Enterprise (replacing SAI Global)

​Techstreet Enterprise is the new database for Australian and International Standards and Codes (replacing SAI Global). 

Techstreet : Standards Australia

Provides full-text access to all current Australian Standards, Joint ISO/Australian Standards, Joint NZ/Australian Standards, current Draft Australian Standards, amendments to Australian Standards and most Standards Australia handbooks.

Take a look at our 'how to find Australian Standards' document which will get you started searching through this database. 

To access standards not included in the current subscription or any other questions, please contact us through Ask the Library.

The National Construction Code (NCC)

Looking for the National Construction Code online? 

The National Construction Code is available for free by registering at Select the person icon located in the top right hand corner and click "Register".


The National Construction Code (NCC) comprises the Building Code of Australia (BCA) volumes 1 and 2, and the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) as volume 3.​ The Code contains technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures including:

  • structural adequacy
  • fire resistance
  • access and egress
  • services and equipment
  • energy efficiency and sustainability
  • provisions for the health and amenity of occupants.

Planning in South Australia


The South Australian Government's PlanSA webpage includes resources on:

  • legislation
  • development plans
  • development applications
  • Residential Development Code
  • Bushfire Code
  • building policy 

Green building certification rating systems

Green Building incorporates principles of sustainable development – meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. to find out more follow the links below.

Green Star @ UniSA - The Mawson Institute's Building V was awarded a 5 Star Green Star – Education Design v1 Certified Rating by the GBCA in June 2011

From the collection: Articles from scholarly publications on "Green Star"

Design for access and mobility

Standard AS1428 specifies the design requirements for new building work, as required by the National Construction Code and the Disability Standards, to provide access for people with disabilities. Of particular interest are the following sections accessible via Techstreet: Standards Australia

Part 1 (AS 1428.1:2021) focuses on general requiremeDisability access symbolnts including:
(a) accessible paths and circulation for people who use wheelchairs;
(b) access and facilities for people with ambulatory disabilities; and
(c) access for people with sensory disabilities.

Part 2 (AS 1428.2-1992) addresses enhanced and additional requirements for buildings and facilities.

Part 4.1 (AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009) sets out requirements for the design and application of tactile ground surface indicators for new buildings to ensure safe and dignified mobility of people who are blind or vision impaired.