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Grey Literature and Other Sources: Organisations

An overview of key search strategies to locate grey literature, informal or unpublished material. Provides sources and instructions on reporting requirements for systematic reviews.

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Why search for organisations?

When looking for grey literature you may want to explore organisations relevant to your research area in order to find unpublished material.

These groups might include:

  • government agencies
  • academic or research institutes
  • industry bodies
  • professional associations
  • peak bodies
  • advocacy groups

Identifying organisations

Scopus allows you to analyse search results and identify affiliated organisations (e.g. universities, research centres) to explore further

Scopus results analyzer

  1. Run your search in Scopus.

    Scopus search example

  2. Select  Analyze search results (top of results page).
    Screenshot of analyse search button in scopus
  3. Scroll down and select Documents by affiliation

You can choose a date range when analysing the results (top right).

This will show the top affiliations from your search results, based on frequency; they may have websites to explore

Web of Science also allows you to analyse your search results to identify potentially relevant organisations.

Web of Science results analysis

  1. Run your search in Web of Science.

    Example search in Web of Science

  2. Select Analyze results 
  3. Select Affiliations

Guidelines and standards

'Specify all databases, registers, websites, organisations, reference lists, and other sources searched or consulted to identify studies. Specify the date when each source was last searched or consulted' - PRISMA Explanation and Elaboration, p. 5

Key organisations (selection only)

Organisations that could be valuable sources of grey literature, playing a role in producing, collecting, evaluating and/or making this more accessible: