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Choosing where to search

Search the library collection

The Library Collection can be a good place to start searching for scholarly material.

Remember, books can be useful for getting background or an overview of your topic.

Search example: 'Argue to which degree increased working hours impacts on family life'. Try a topic search e.g. "work hours" AND family


Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches only within academic or scholarly sites, rather than the whole internet. By accessing Google Scholar from within the library website, you will be able to link directly to articles that the library has access to by clicking on the Full-text at UniSA link. Use the Google Scholar link from the Library website for best access to full-text references.

More help:

Watch the videos below for more searching tips and see the Library subject guides for more subject specific search tools.

 Visit this Library online resource to teach you how to search Google Scholar, the Library Collection and databases successfully.