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Connecting keywords

You need to connect your key concepts together to search

Use AND to connect different concepts. This will search results containing all of these words:

working hours AND family

Use OR to connect similar terms. This will search for results containing one or more of these words:

family OR parents

("working hours" OR "hours of work") AND (family OR parents)


Use quotations marks "..." around phrases to keep words together exactly. For example "South Australia" or "family life"

Use truncation* to find the plural and other forms of a word

Add brackets () to group similar keywords together. For example ("South Australia" OR SA)

Use the filters under 'Refine my results' to find exactly what you need:

  • Narrow by Resource Type: Books or Articles or Videos
  • Find scholarly journal articles by selecting Show Only > Peer-reviewed Journals
  • Narrow your search by a Publication Date range

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